Who's better : Triple H or Shawn Michaels?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dedeco5004, Feb 2, 2013.

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  1. Shawn Michaels

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  2. Triple H

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  1. Just say Yes or No and explain.
  2. HHH in 00 was one of the best heels ever imo but Shawn had the better career. I'll go Shawn for consistency but Trips had the higher peak.
  3. Shawn Michaels, easily. Much better in the ring, better on the mic, more charismatic, etc. Nothing more to it than that.
  4. Shawn in all aspects.
  5. Shawn , no doubt
  6. Is this really a question? Well i guess if I go by wwe logic its triple h... By about 8 or 9 title reigns.

    But the obvious answer is Shawn Michaels.

    ~Three Said That~
  7. Hbk all day, every day, in every single way.
  8. The heartbreak kid. No shadow of a doubt. H had the highest peak. But Shawn, like seabs said, was more consistent.
  9. Off topic but you can make ~Three Said That~ your sig rather than typing it every post lol.
  10. :why: ^

    HBK is GOAT.
  11. Re: RE: Who's better : Triple H or Shawn Michaels?

    I don't type it every time, I'm using this tapatalk thing and it does it on its own. I'm glad it knows that i said that...

    ~Three Said That~
  12. On the mic? I dunno, I think HHH in 2000 cut some badass promos.

    I too vote for HBK.
  13. HBK is the greatest of all time if it wasn't for the Deadman.
  14. Yes but Michaels cut some pretty assholish promos during his heel days in the early/mid 90's. Not to mention his DX days. He also got under the skin of his real life critics by saying things like "HBK lays down for absolutely nobody", it was his way of he doesn't have to lay down and job for anyone. Not to mention his entertaining heel run that lasted a month in 2005.
  15. Shawn Micheals, and it's not even close.
  16. Yeah I don't doubt any of that. I just think it's close perhaps in the talking department.
  17. This is taking nothing away from Triple H either. HBK will beat almost everybody you compare him to.

    Who would beat HBK? I can't think of anyone off the top of my head.
  18. HBK. An all round preformer who could make everyone look like a main event superstar.

    HHH was a great heel and preformer, but can't touch HBK.
  19. hbk who else has team up with god
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