Who's better?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Zach, May 10, 2013.

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  1. Basically say two athletes in the same sport and then the next person posts saying who they think is better and offers 2 new people.

    You can talk about people's choices but please keep the game going,

    Crayo: Messi or Ronaldo?
    Seabs: Messi. RvP or Bale?
    Xanth: Messi is fat why would you pick him? Bale. Hitler or Stalin?
    Crayo: Because I can suck golf balls through a pipe? Stalin. Word or apowerpoint?


    I'll start with...
    Gerrard or Carrick?
  2. Gerrard, maybe not at this point, because Carrick has been better this year, but Gerrard is my favorite player of all time and he has done so much during his career, so yeah.

    Ronaldo or Cristiano Ronaldo?
  3. C. Ronaldo.

    Casillas or Van Der Sar?
  4. Why Cristiano?


    Michael Owen or David Beckham?
  5. beckham

    Van nistelrooy or rooney
  6. Rooney

    Zidane or Iniesta
  7. Zidane

    Maradona or Messi?
  8. Maradona.

    Nastasic or Varane? (In terms of potential)
  9. Varane

    Raheem Sterling or Wilfried Zaha? (in terms of potential again)
  10. Disagree on Varane but I can see it going either way.

    If Sterling doesn't get any loan oppurtunities then Zaha but if he does then Sterling.

    Wilshere or Gotze?
  11. Gotze

    Ozil or Mueller
  12. Ozil.

    Ramos or Thiago Silva?
  13. Yeah it could go either way but I saw Varane when he played in Ligue 1 for Lille (not sure if it was there) as a 18 year old and he was incredible, so ever since then i liked him!

    Oh god that was a really hard question, Götze maybe? He will get more points, therefore get more attention, but it will be pretty close..

    Mata or Bale?
  14. Not taking away anything from Varane but Nastasic has played 25+ games for ManC, pushed Lescott out of the starting XI, and is consistent as fuck. Varane has played 10 games, had a couple good games in CL but ultimately slipped up against Dortmund in the semis. He pushed (an injured) Pepe out of the lineup but that's not exactly hard. I think they will both be world class players given some time but as it stands I'd take Nastasic anyday.


    Aguero (last season) or RVP (this season)
  15. Yeah, you are right but I really believe in Varane! Only time can tell.


    Thierry Henry or Dennis Bergkamp?
  16. Henry.

    Neymar or El Shaarawy?
  17. El Shaarawy until Neymar have proven himself on a higher level.

    Kroos or Gündogan?
  18. They're both good but Gundogan seems more well rounded.
  19. Gündogan more well rounded? He's really good but he's lacking in defense I think, Kroos is better defensively imo! Offensively I think they are pretty even, both are equal in passing, Kroos better at shooting and Gündogan is faster. But I would pick Kroos over Gündogan.
  20. I actually think Gundogan is a better defender, Kroos honestly seems like a CAM while Gundogan seems more like a CM.

    Luke Shaw or Danny Rose? (Potential)
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