WrestleMania Whos Buying Wrestlemania

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Victoria Justice, Mar 26, 2012.

  1. Title says it all who is i am
  2. Someone posted on the WM Discussion thread that he has front row ticket to WM 28. Forgot his name.
  3. Wow hes lucky i wish i could go illl be going next year though
  4. I'm buying WM for free :troll:
  5. As far as I know I'm renting it. I usually do it free, but I'm feeling HD this year. Enjoy your 240p everyone else.
  6. lol just go to hooters guys lol
  7. I'd rather drop dead than pay 65 dollars for a WWE PPV
  8. well its 4 hours i think you get your moneys worth
  9. Not at all
  10. Well i already bought it so
  11. Already bought, I need great quality because every single stream will be overloaded and I won't ruin WM for me.
  12. Showing it at my store
  13. I really would buy it but I already got tickets to Extreme Rules :S
  14. How can you be so cynical? If any PPV is worth buying it's this one. I'm sure you've spent plenty of money on worse things than WM.
  15. I wouldn't say it's worth it tbh the build has been horrible imo.
  16. My mates bought it!
  17. $65?¬>¬>?¬>¬?¬¬!>?!!>! Its only $24 in england.. what a rip off -.- .. i dont know if i will buy it.. cause i dont know if i can stay awake lol
  18. I bought it from wwe.com. I will enjoy every part of the show!
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