Who's drawing you into RAW atm?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 26, 2012.

  1. What's the main thing you look forward to when you watch RAW? Mine recently has been Bryan, anything with him at the moment is gold. Punk's heel turn does now top that though.
  2. Really? The discussion threads, as for a wrestler probably D Bry also, he amazes me how much gold he can make from piles of shit.
  3. Lately it's been to see the outcome of DB/AJ/Punk. Now it will probably be Punks heel turn
  4. Pretty much anything with Punk, Bryan, and AJ.
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  5. Daniel Bryan and AJ, also to see if A-Ry will ever get a push, unfortunately it will be a long time before he actually does :((
  6. Punk, Bryan/AJ, and that's basically it.
  7. Just the show, overall. I normally forget what/who is going to be on the show unless they tell me previously. :haha:
  8. Ziggler, Rhodes, Alberto, AW with PTP and I guess punk now

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  9. Hoping to see young talent
  10. Sheamus and CMpunk, oh man such great champions!
  11. Nobody. not sure why i even watch it tbh.
  12. It's pretty much keeping up to date to talk to you guys, and having fun on the threads.

    That's pretty much it. Maybe something interesting will happen. If Ziggler or Rhodes is on the show, more often than not they'll just be in some random tag match that doesn't mean shit. I've been hoping the Kidd/Tensai feud will continue, but that's a lost cause, have fun back on Superstars buddy. :upset: Although the Miz is back, and lets all hope that means that 3-minute tag match that didn't mean shit will become a 3-minute Miz promo that has you in stitches. Oh, and Mark Henry could be back too, obviously he's not young talent but they better get all they can out of him before he's gone.

    And the AJ/Bryan dynamic will be interesting now that AJ's GM.
  13. I tune in for Punk/Jericho/the only good characters left on WWE (which are all pretty much on raw nowadays).
  14. There was a while where it was just Ziggler, but now Bryan and Punk.
  15. Forgot about Jericho and Miz, they're both up there now.
  16. Punk Bryan AJ
    Cena BigShow
    HHH Lesner
  17. Richardo Rodriquez

  18. I forgot you were a Big Show fan -- I'm sure you're the only one here. I'm glad you're a fan of Punk/Bryan/AJ though.
  19. fat talentless losers need to stick together :true:
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