Who's going to be main eventing then?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 25, 2011.

  1. Been playing on my mind recently (A thread in the RAW section on Xmas day, you know that's passion). Royal Rumble is normally used to test the water in championship matches because the rumble is a draw by itself, but is it still going to be Punk, ADR and Miz in the main event competing for the title? I'll be surprised since Miz & ADR are big names to not compete in the rumble, and I can't see a second consecutive triple threat match.

    Perhaps we'll see ADR or Miz dropped down into a random feud, I heard ADR is feuding with Rey when he returns (dunno when that is). I'd like to see a Punk vs Miz feud just for the promos but I can't see it, since I strongly believe next week Jericho is returning. Nice to have a feeling where you just can not predict what's going to happen on RAW, the next two RAW's I'm completely clueless, which is rare for any WWE fan as most RAW's are predictable. Of course I could be disappointed and have Punk vs Miz now, and Taker returns next week for HHH, then the whole Miz vs Punk is wasted as I think it should be at Mania'

    Let's hear some of your ideas.
  2. You will most likely see;

    Kane and Cena in a match

    Then you will have the winner of that match face CM Punk. Then ADR and Miz will be in the rumble.

    That is how I see the Rumble going.
  3. Can't see Kane going for the title since Cena is his focus, can't see Cena beating Kane as it would kill his momentum. So I don't know why any of them would be title contenders, but it is WWE after all. Too early I think to see Kane wrestling, I still prefer him to stalk Cena. Or perhaps have him explain why tonight he's going after Cena tonight and share exchanges on the mic. Kane is actually a very good mic worker.
  4. I am not sure then. Maybe it will be ADR and Miz and CM Punk then. But that would take all the good ones from RAW out of the Rumble.
  5. My guess is Cena vs Punk again. I can't see Cena in the rumble since he's already signed the match with Rock. Plus with his credibility he can go into the title hunt at anytime. Have Kane interfere attack both of them ending it in a no contest. Kane looks strong Punk's protected and Cena getting laid out makes him look human since he's on a level above Punk and Kane in credibility.
  6. Could happen yeah. I'm seeing Kane vs Cena at the Rumble if I'm honest, last thing I want though at the moment unless Kane goes over Cena cleanly.
  7. Yeah I think it is too soon for Cena vs. Kane. It would be good if us as members could make the matches :emoji_grin:
  8. Kane vs Cena is too soon but then again were else could they do it :S. I can see Cena and Kane being in the EC as the blow off to that feud. Unless they are patient for a change and just have Kane attacking Cena every so often?
  9. Or keep the feud running until Wrestle Mania. Then Kane could attack Cena in the match again The Rock. Then the Rock could team with Kane against Cena. That would be quite good to see actually, although I doubt it would happen.
  10. Any other match I would have enjoyed that but I want Rock Cena to be as clean as a whistle personally. Possibly do like the NWO did at wrestlemania 18 were kane attacks after the match? Plus your scenario require Rock to be full time really.
  11. Could book it like this, Kane keeps going after Cena but be patient with it. Have Cena in a match with Punk, Kane costs him. Kane costs Cena at EC too. Then Cena is pissed off for not getting the title vs Rock, then at WM have it where Rock is maybe perhaps about to win but Cena teams with Kane to overcome Rock. Booking it as the reason Kane is attacking Cena is to switch him over to "The Dark Side".

    Meh, probably terrible but I think this Kane feud should be used for the Cena heel turn.
  12. I quite liked that tbh still not sure on the interference though. One idea is Kane represents the hatred of the fans getting to Cena. Hence why he came back dominant he gets stronger as the boos get stronger kinda deal. Have Cena lose to Kane at EC after Rock interference showing how rock helped the boos beat Cena by making them more and more prominent. Probably a bad idea which I may adapt into a bad horror movie I'm not sure yet :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:.
  13. Lmao, yeah I'd like the WM match clean too tbh. But Cena is going over The Rock no doubt, dunno how they're going to do that and have a heel turn which I think is happening.
  14. If it's true The Rock is staying for a few PPVs post mania i can see him winning at mania and jobbing at SS and SVS 2012.
  15. I see it as the other way around. Cena goes over Rock in heelish fashion in Miami, then Rock goes over him as typically superfaces beat the heels.