Who's going to replace ADR tonight then?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jun 11, 2012.

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  1. Let's get some predictions up in this bitch.
  2. Who do I want? DZ.

    Who am I going to get? Kane.
  3. Sin Cara is the only one Tbh. Punk/Bryan are for the WWE title, all the big superstars are suspended, Heath Slater had that sex scandal. Sin Cara is the only real option.
  4. Ziggler-69%
    Brock-1% just because I would mark

    Ziggler because you could almost call their string of matches a mini-feud. Tensai because he seems to be the random filler anytime they need someone lately. Brock because I want him back :sad:
  5. Kane is in the WWE title match homies
  6. Wasn't it reported they were moving him over? It's probably bs but I can see it happening.
  7. Anyone for Sin Cara? :burns: *Cricket Sounds*
  8. God that would be retarded. Talk about illogical booking, that would be taking it to the next level.

    'Uh, yea, we know Kane is in a fairly heated feud and he's been attacked by DB and Punk and he's been in matches with both.. but he's going to have a random match with Sheamus at the PPV instead of that triple threat match we had booked; he wants to go after a less prestigious belt instead'
  9. Face vs face fella for Sin Cara Vs. Sheamus.
  10. I've not seen that report, I'd mark if it were true. Another one on one Punk v Bryan match will be fucking epic.
  11. Kane or Dolph
  12. It was only reported by F4W but I don't think it is confirmed. Sheamus vs. Kane has been happening for house shows ever since Alberto was injured..

    But then again it says #1 contender so it might be someone else. Not sure.:hmm:
  13. I knew I heard something about it.
  14. :haha:
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  15. I would bet the farm that whoever it is, it's decided in a battle royal.

    WWElogic 101: When in doubt, BATTLE ROYAL TO DETERMINE #1 CONTENDER!!!!!!!!!!!
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  16. Tbh, it makes sense to do that. ^^

    Otherwise we get the typical "LE RANDOM ATTACK APPEARS" concept.
  17. They said new superstars will debut. So maybe they'll win and contend for the title.
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