Who's going to win the premier league?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Apr 15, 2012.

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  1. Obviously as a United fan I'm saying Man United, but does anyone feel City can do it?
  2. I'm a Manchester United fan so obviously I'm going to say Manchester United aswell, however it's not over till the last minute.
  3. I actually dislike Man U but even ill say they've earned with their finish this year.
  4. Either City or United. Most likely United. I just hope the Spurs finish high in the league this year. Big Spurs fan.
  5. I've enjoyed Spurs this season, I've actually started to like them.
  6. I'm a massive fan of Spurs too, I hope they get that 4th spot.
  7. I wouldn't count City out yet, those guys are on fire.
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    ^ This
  9. Need to make 6 points out of 12, I can't see United dropping that many in all honesty.
  10. City have to go away to Newcastle too, that's equally as hard as facing United at the Etihad.

    I just don't see United dropping this. If we win at the etihad it's ours!
  11. Hopefully Citeh just to rustle Crayo's jimmies
  12. I'll fight you I swear.
  13. Dis ^
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  14. I vote if City do win everyone on the site changes their avatar and sig to Mario holding the trophy.
  15. I'd disable avatars and sigs if they won.
  16. Just make a big tribute thread then.
  17. What a legend! :laugh:
  18. I'd disable all usergroups apart from Chairmens to make new threads. I'd then proceed to ban Xanth for no reason.
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