Who's gonna see The Dark Knight Rises?

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  1. I hope batman dies. Only reason I would see that movie.
  2. I hope he gets his back broken, keep this shit at least semi comic. One thing I'm looking forward is Bane being more tactically smart, he was just muscle in Batman & Robin I think it was. He's supposed to be a great mind as well as monstrous strength. I'm expecting Tom Hardy to carry the role well, he portrays strength well, as shown in Warrior and Bronson. So yeah I'll see it, but I'm not wanking over it like some people.
  3. I'm a big Batman fan, and I've loved the new "Re-Boot" & I think Christian Bale has done a fantastic job. I believe I read somewhere that he's not resigning on for another. So I think Batman could die?, then they'll "Re-Boot" the franchise again in 5 years or so.

    All in all, I'm really looking forward to it on Friday.

    *P.S I really love your signature BBH :obama:
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  4. this
  5. will watch it sometime in future :obama:
  6. I'm getting so tired of batman movies...:facepalm1:
  7. I am going to see this! should be good!
  8. Yeah, im on the other side of my computer screen just :fap: :fap: :fap:'ing like a boss. The movie is going to be good/great, im mostly just juiced to see how it ends.
  9. Unlike others in this thread I am massively stoked for this and as I was for Avengers I will mark my tits off through pretty much the entire film and have to watch it twice.
  10. Unlike Seabs and Dolph's, I am wanking over it. Can't wait.
  11. I'm ridiculously excited, Tom Hardy is such an awesome actor.(He plays bane)
  12. We know. Idiot. :jeritroll:
  13. I hope they fired the guy who dealt with Christian Bales voice, it sounded like fucking gravel with the way the mixed it.

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  14. I'll be watching it sometime over the weekend hopefully. I was going to go tomorrow, but it will be packed!
  15. I'm hoping to go next week but only doing the full IMAX experience as it'll so be worth it for this film!
  16. I'm not gonna go see it, but wait till it comes out on Sky, it will probably be s*** without Heath Ledger cos I hated the first one but i'll watch it at some point.
  17. I just spent the night watching the 1966 Batman movie. :yay:
  18. The one with Adam West and Romero? If so the shark bit was epic, anti shark spray FTW.
  19. Yes XD
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