Ring of Honor Who's Gonna Win the Title?

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  1. Jay Lethal has been built up extremely strong ever since winning the TV title from Taven. Now he's a dual champion, holding the World Title. With someone with that much steam, and that much heat going for him. Who do you think will be taking the belt off of Lethal?

    I honestly think AJ Styles. Even though he hasn't been much other than a special attraction at ROH shows, since he's spending most of his time being a legit draw and star in New Japan. I still think he should be getting the title off of him. ROH is gonna be touring Japan in February, if i'm correct. And having one of Japan's biggest draws not be the focus would be an idiotic move.

    Another scenario on the other hand, is have AJ Styles chase Lethal through out the tour. Build up a big ass match, and at the final show of the tour, have Styles win the title. Another great way to get some ROH notoriety in Japan. Just a few thoughts, but yeah AJ Styles is my pick to get the title off of Lethal.
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  2. Same here.

    Would be cool if AJ Styles won it at WK10, though. I remember talks of ROH title possibly being defended at WK10, so there you have it.
  3. Probably AJ at Final Battle.
  4. I wanted it to be AJ but it will not happen now, kind of glad in a way as it kind of makes it less predictable. Elgin and Cole are the only other ones who are established(know jay briscoe is but it be overkill for him to be next champ)

    I am bored to tears with reDRagon and really want a singles push for Kyle. He needs building and should be extending his Cole feud which should see him get some wins.

    Fish is a option as well, he did have that not being pinned for a year thing a while back and that was probably done for a potential run down the line.

    Strong maybe but he probably be
    Having a lengthy tv regin.

    No one else really, who else is there? Hopefully lethal has a long regin, if it is not broke then no need to fix it, he is gold. Next champ most Likley is Elgin,Cole
  5. O'Reilly is the heir apparent
  6. Either Kyle or Cole, but by the end of the year it'll most likely be on Kyle even if it goes through Cole first
  7. O'Reilly or Adam Cole BAYBAY. Roddy would be a wet dream, obviously, but Kyle and Cole are the likeliest options.
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