Who's interested in a weekly/fortnightly s.tream of a PPV/event?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by leojay, Feb 11, 2012.

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  1. Who'd be interested in this? If I can get enough people doing this, I'll seriously consider hosting this.

    I have a teamspeak server that I'm not using, we could use that for it. Or, just a regular Skype call.

    So, who's interested?
  2. You didn't make it very clear as to what you meant.
  3. I meant streaming a PPV/event of the communities choosing live every week/fortnight. My bad D:
  4. But you need video for that.
    A skype call/teamspeak wouldn't work.

    I discussed with Crayo about streaming my collection of shit before, but it didn't go anywhere because I'm not allowed to post stream links.
  5. If you were to do this it would be best to post a thread in the PPV section the day before telling people to pm you for the link at a certain time. Say what PPV it is and have like a classic discussion thread.
  6. Not allowed here. People there's a filter on the word for a reason, we don't discuss them here. We can't set up our own either, as the only benefit we'd have from it is if it linked back here and we received traffic, but then we'd be known for streaming. I don't want that, if you want this site to stay online (IE, avoid DMCA's) then it's something we can't do.

    Skyping during a PPV would lower the daily post count dramatically too.
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