Who's Johnny texting?

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  1. Is it you? Is it Xanth? Who is he texting?

    Use this thread to discuss possibilities, as I'm hoping it's not dropped like the anon GM story-line.
  2. I don't think it's supposed to be some big mystery that's gonna have a payoff. He's a rich guy who works for a million dollar company and he's currently running Raw, so there's a bazillion different people he could be randomly texting.
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  3. Nah they wouldn't have always ended every segment with him texting someone (after something big happens) for no reason.
  4. He's a busy man and he might be texting, emailing, or tweeting to lots of other people. He cares about the WWE Universe. :otunga:
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  5. Not sure who he is txting but I think it shows he's going to win at WM then in the aftermath whoever he is txting will be unveiled to help with the running SD and RAW.
  6. It's me, we talk about who ever is in the ring, here is a convo we had

    Me: "Johnny, who is that in the ring

    Johnny Ace: "Santino vs Otunga"

    Me: "Where are you?"

    Johnny Ace: I'll get ring side so you can see

    Johnny Ace: Can you see me?

    Me: Yes, Whoa Teddy just knocked you are you gonna let him get a way with that

    Me: Johnny just texting to see if your phone works

    Johnny: Yeah, just backstage,

    Me: Can't you believe Teddy got that slap on you

    Johnny: That will be the last time

    Me: Ok, Johnny, As for my picks for your team, you should add Ziggler and Swagger

    Johnny: I don't know about that

    Me: Vickie ring side will drive Teddy crazy

    Johnny: You have a point ok

    Me: Always here Johnny,

    Johnny: Thanks dude, did you enjoy my trumpet dance

    Me: Yeah it was cool, until the slap

    Johnny: He will pay, ok gotta go

    Me: Laterz
  7. yea, WWE always has a plan for everything and they don't do anything for no reason

  8. He's very busy scouting talent, doesn't have time to rehearse. It's creative telling him what to do for the show that night.
  10. It all makes sense now.
  11. yet that did not want a 50/50 gm so that remove and know we got this dumb ass as the raw gm and so he keep asking me what he should do make him better!
  12. Rofl, epic post.


    I was saying it wouldn't be on screen for no reason. Anon GM wasn't always planned to just die, it was obviously a story-line but they had no one to play it. It wouldn't surprise me if this was dropped as I've said already, but the intention isn't there to simply show him as a busy guy.
  13. Is there anyone he hasn't texted? When you're called Mr Excitement bitches beg for your number, my guess is he's cybering with Aksana behind Teddy's back.
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  14. Why can't he be texting to show he is a busy guy? He clearly IS a busy guy

    crayo gonna crayo
  15. If that is revealed at Wrestlemania it would be so epic. And then Aksana runs in and slaps someone on Long's team so Teddy can pick up the win.

    And then we bitch about it on here.
  16. Could be Tensai?
  17. They'll probably have Tensai debut, not be able to speak a word of English but then reveal him to be the guy. #wwelogic
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  18. sounds bout rite considering he's called lord tensai and it's presumably a big Japanese gimmick and aint even Japanese i know he's wrestled there but still kinda far fetched imo!
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