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Discussion in 'Elimination Chamber' started by <123>, Feb 7, 2019.

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  1. I am interested in this years Elimination Chamber. We have the first-ever Women's Tag Team Champions, it'll be interesting who will be the first to hold the gold. I hope the Riott Squad get destroyed.

    I am strangely backing 'The New' Daniel Bryan; I kinda want him to beat the veterans in Jeff Hardy and Randy Orton; I'd like to see him in the WrestleMania 35. You never know though, Orton could hit a RKO out of nowhere.

    I'm hoping The Miz & Shane McMahon will retain the SamckDown Tag Team Championship - they're a great team and most of the WWE Universe are backing them. I didn't use to like The Miz, but I'm getting behind him now.

    Who else is looking forward to it, and who do you want to win?
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  2. Enjoy it.. Nobody else cares about the EC.. Let me know when WrestleMania is over, then I might tune in again..
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  3. I hope Bayley and Sasha win since they've been buried out of obscurity in the singles division. Daniel Bryan should win, problem is who can he fight at Wrestlemania? Because I love AJ Styles but he's starting to get boring. It's not gonna happen but it should be Luke Harper
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  4. Daniel Bryan is the hottest thing going in WWE right now. Even though they are puffing Becky Lynch up, Daniel Bryan is changing the game and its level ahead of everyone.
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  5. Sure, why not.
  6. Love the Elimination Chamber, can't wait for some chaos
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  7. They do deserve to win, it'll be great to see them as a team who will be headlining matchups.
    I agree with you that AJ Styles is stagnating, I don't think they know what to do with him, and because of this he's just floating around.
    A matchup with Luke Harper would be interesting for sure - could start a bitter rivalry.

    Agreed! Everyone's focus is on Bryan. With this vegan path and the whole new WWE Championship and the persona, they're great!
    I'm not a fan of Becky Lynch; for some reason they're pushing her right to the top - I think Flair should have won at the Royal Rumble between the final two. A lot of the WWE Universe are behind Lynch, however I'm hoping this is just a flash in the pan.
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  8. I miss the old chamber... The new one is lame, the outside floors are not even steel anymore they are soft... I'm still interested with the main event tho, but not so much about the rest.

    The women tag match might be interesting too, but I have a feeling it may be a botch fest.
  9. I think the WWE is under pressure to make the Men's & Women's division a mirror image. :emoji_thinking:
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  10. Yep, I have nothing against it personally, as long as the women division gets better.
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  11. I've never been a fan of the Women's division. I'll watch it, however my interest waivers. I'd much rather just know the outcomes without watching the matchups.
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  12. Elimination Chamber is usually a fun PPV so really looking forward to it myself. A couple of thoughts in regards to the matches already announced:

    a) I see no reason why Miz and Shane O'Mac don't retain against the Uso's. They just won them straps a couple of weeks ago so it's obviously too early for a switch; way too early considering the story they are presumably telling...

    b) Daniel Bryan should be retaining as well. This, again, is pretty much the "all the odds stacked agaist said superstar" deal, plus DB is one of the hottest acts in the entire WWE, which makes the idea of a title change here practically rediculous. Furthermore, I have a hunch we might be in for a surprise given the segment on Smackdown the other day and that weird pause for a few seconds, as if DB was expecting (?) someone to come out and join him and Rowan or we as fans were supposed to believe so.

    If this indeed is the case, then perhaps the Elimination Chamber would be an interesting spot for Bray Wyatt to return and maybe he ends up being the guy to join DB and Rowan in kind of a new form of the Wyatt Family, only this time with the roles reversed and Bryan being the leader.

    c) In regards to the Woman's tag team championship, my opinion won't differ as I too believe that all indications are leading towards Sasha and Bailey. My guess is it will come down to them and Nia Jax and Tamina and though my initial thought was that they might go with the heels and have Sasha and Bailey chase, I guess being the "first ever" tag champs is a much bigger deal (at least in WWE's eyes) so me thinks it's going to be Sasha and Bailey being the last team standing...
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  13. Figured I'd post my final thoughts for the PPV here instead of opening a new thread. This thread pretty much covers it so here goes:

    Buddy Murphy vs. Akira Tozawa: Cruiserweight Championship

    Though I have no doubt this will be a fun match, I personally have very little interest in it so, just for the sake of predictions I’ll go with Buddy Murphy to retain…

    Braun Strowman vs. Baron Corbin: No DQ match

    This is a rhetorical question but, seriously, why is this even happening on PPV?

    The answer obviously lies in the fact that both these guys have to get their paycheck, not to mention Drew McNtyre and probably Kurt Angle because…oh, you didn’t know…both are for sure going to interfere, hence the no dq stipulation.

    As for who wins? Not that I give a shit but Strowman should be winning…

    Ronda Rousey vs. Ruby Riott: RAW Woman’s Championship

    I really like Ruby Riott but, for one, they’ve done a poor job booking her and two, the main story line is between Rousey, Charlotte and Becky so, simply put, Ruby has no chance in fucking hell. Regardless of the obvious outcome, I do expect this to be a very good match because Ruby can certainly work…

    You know, speaking of the ladies, I should note my frustration (to an extent) about the fact they’ve added Charlotte in the mix, eventually leading to a triple threat at Mania (because of course it will be a triple threat, regardless of this “suspension” bullshit story line). On the flipside, and as much as I would have personally preferred this to be a one on one affair, I do understand the reasoning behind this decision so at the end of the day, I’m fine with it so long as the outcome remains the same, thus Becky Lynch winning.

    Miz & Shane vs. The Uso’s: Smackdown Tag Team Championship

    Assuming that there will be at least one title change during this PPV, this particular match appears to be the most obvious option, however me thinks Miz and Shane should hold on to the belts for just a bit longer in order for the story being told to brew just a bit more. If they do it here, I wouldn’t be surprised but I would consider it rushed, more so given we still have one more PPV before Mania. If you ask me, Fastlane is when Miz and Shane drop the belts, causing the dissension and ultimately leading to either one of the two to turn on each other…

    …or, they can always drop the belts on one of the next Smackdown shows and then, assuming they somehow get a rematch at Fastlane (yeah, supposedly no rematch clauses anymore but rules change on a weekly basis in WWE so, sure, why not) they lose that match as well and then you get the dissension between them etc.

    Either way, my prediction is Miz and Shane to retain…

    Bobby Lashley and Leo Rush vs. Fin Balor: Handicap match for the IC Championship

    In regards to the title changes conversation, this is probably the second option however the “odds stacked against said superstar” is the angle I feel will be played in the men’s Elimination Chamber match so can’t see them telling the same story twice. Then again, would they book this PPV with no title changes at all? I mean, there’s no law or rule against it and it’s not like they haven’t done it before, however I feel something has to give. You’d also have to consider the specific stipulation added because if WWE would decide to go somewhat “funky”, they could have Balor pin Leo Rush, thus creating a way for this feud to carry on because obviously Lashley can claim he was never personally pinned.

    Is this, though, the best way to give Fin Balor his big moment and crown him new IC Champ? It would feel kind of cheap, don’t you think?

    Meh, I’m going to say Lashley retains…

    As far as the two Elimination Chamber matches are concerned, I’ve already expressed my thoughts in another thread and am sticking with my guns in both cases…

    Sasha Banks and Bailey I feel is a lock for the woman’s tag belts. I mean, as much as I can understand the idea of Nia Jax and Tamina winning and then have the baby faces (Sasha and Bailey in this instance) chase, I feel that being called the “first ever” woman’s tag champs (technically not first but anyway that’s how WWE will tag it and it’s a topic for another day and time) is far more important, hence my strong belief in Sasha and Bailey.

    Furthermore, they are entering the match in first position, which clearly suggests they will tell the story of how they managed to overcome the odds and go through the entire field in order to achieve their dream etc.

    Lastly, in regards to the men, I can see no other outcome other then Daniel Bryan retaining. He’s white hot, he just introduced his new version of the belt and, quite frankly, there’s no reason for a title change at the moment.

    If I had to take a guess, I feel it could ultimately come down to Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston. They could easily tell yet another story of the ultimate underdog going for the improbable win and even have us believe he has a chance. Eventually, Daniel Bryan will obviously retain, but I do expect a surprise, that being the introduction of a new member in this faction that appears to be forming. Could it be Luke Harper? Could it be Bray Wyatt? Both make sense, plus it could be a new version of the Wyatt family, only this time with Bryan in charge…something along those lines anyway…
  14. Just tuning in to see if Graves makes it lol
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  15. Awwww, there is no bettings or contest for this PPV.