Who's more over in the "Hollywood" Role?

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    This is a serious question, I was thinking about it after watching the last few segments with the Hollywood Miz and his Stunt double Damien Mizdow.. and I really just am curious who do you guys think is more over in the "Hollywood" role? Personally I see Miz getting a lot of attention for his role however it seems to me (excluding my obvious Sandow bias) that Sandow is actually the one thriving more in this setup.

    Which one of the guys do you think is getting the most out of this whole thing?

    Hollywood Miz?
    Stunt Double Mizdow?

  2. 'Stunt Double Mizdow' is definitely the more entertaining of the two for me. But I find they play off each other perfectly.
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  3. What Lock say, they play off each other perfectly. Miz is more natural with the Hollywood gimmick and would still be over as a heel running that gimmick by himself.
    But Sandow just compliments him so well and they play off of each other.
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  4. Sandow is better.
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