Who's next after Hardy?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Apr 3, 2013.

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  1. After Hardy fails to recapture the title from The President, who will be next to take the hammer to the head? Do you think they'll go through all the power four (Joe, Magnus, Angle and Hardy) before eventually facing AJ?
  2. You hit the nail on the head, also add Storm to the list.
  3. Probably (the power four). It sounds logical atm, and they don't have better choices than those 3 too (not that I'm complaining, I love Ray facing either one of them).
  4. He'll go through Storm next, but then have to deal with Matt Morgan. Good luck pres. :obama:
  5. It might me Angle next, but I don't see Magnus/Joe getting shots after those two had already failed. Maybe Storm, then Styles. Sting might get a shot along the way somehow.
  6. I don't see them putting Morgan in a title match to job tbh, not yet anyway.
  7. Sting vs Ray at Slammy will probably happen IMO.
  8. Would probably be a great storytelling match with a dumb finish
  9. Sting vs Bully at Slammy does seem likely yeah. Probably with Sting demanding it so he can make Hogan trust him again.
  10. Morgan said he'll finish eliminating Hogan's mistakes by last eliminating himself, the Hulkster.

    So I can defo see Storm and Sting gettings shots in the future.
  11. Most of Sting's matches tend to :sad: it's either he goes over or someone stumbles into the russo group of swerves.
  12. I think Hardy will get injured for a little time by A&Es and then when he come back he'll join team TNA and fight them. After that maybe a feud with Angle or something before he feuds AJ Styles
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  14. I Think AJ Styles will get a "crack" at Bully at Bound for glory, but outside of him right now, why not James Storm, or something but AJ seems to be the guy to derail bully's reign at bound for glory, but as far as Now....... I'd have to pick, maybe angle or aries, angle has "beef" with the group these days like everyone else.
  15. Storm, Angle and Sting will challenge for sure I think.
  16. Meh, not interested in Angle/Bully but it seems likely. AJ Styles is pretty obvious as well.
    Would love to see Matt Morgan get a shot.
  17. So not interested for Angle/Bully or Sting/Bully to be honest, but Bully is more than capable of holding my attention and making me enjoy it.
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  19. Storm and then styles at SA,
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