Who's next in line for the title?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Stopspot, Dec 10, 2012.

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  1. The supposed Lockdown poster indicated that Aries vs Hardy 3 will take place at that event. As far as I know we have at least Genesis between us and Lockdown. Who will face Hardy for the strap at Genesis in your book? Will Roode get another shot or will someone else step up to plate?

    I personally don't think it will be Bully since I think he will go after Devon again if the Aries story doesn't continue.
  2. Who's next in line against Hardy?

    I want more Roode.
  3. Who's next in line against Hardy?

    ... It should be Daniels, then you should have Hardy/Daniels/Aries where Daniels wins the strap because he's a beast.

    If he doesn't win at Genesis.
  4. Who's next in line against Hardy?

    Daniels would be a nice choice.
  5. RE: Who's next in line against Hardy?

    Thanks for spoiling this -_-
  6. Who's next in line against Hardy?

    Storm. Or maybe Joe will get a push, seems likely.
  7. moar roode plz
  8. Most likely Storm.
  9. Maybe Storm, but then Roode gets involved somehow... it just seems like with that finish they won't be ousting Roode straight from the title picture
  10. Definitely not. I'm sure he'll get a rematch on Impact this Thursday.
  11. Daniels or Aries.
  12. It'll involve either Roode, Storm, Aries or Daniels I think.
  13. I'm surprised so many people see Daniels getting that sort of push. Though I suppose he does have momentum, so seeing him get a one month cameo in the ME to job to Hardy makes sense
  14. It seems like Aries and Roode are still in title picture, so Daniels is still gonna have to wait for another opportunity. Hey, not complaining, it's Austin freaking Aries and Bobby fucking Roode in the WHC scene.
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