Whos next to challenge Layla for the divas title we decide.....

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  1. Whos next to challenge Layla for the divas title we decide.......

    Go to this link and vote


    If I could make a special request for you all to vore for Kelly Kelly :emoji_slight_smile: please I think she deserves it more than anyone shes been in the company 6 years and has only had 1 title reign I think she deserves more than this considering how hard shes worked to get to where she is today. Kelly Kelly and AJ are practically neck and neck in the voting. I dont have a problem with AJ but she shouldnt be champion yet
  2. I think it's all rigged. :ace:
  3. I'd rather vote for a talented and interesting Diva than vote for a skanky whore thank you very much.
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  4. I'd rather die then vote for Kelly Kelly.
  5. I voted for AJ over that no talent slut Kelly Kelly. AJ's character at least has some personality and she can actually work a match unlike Screamin' Kelly with her stink faces and head scissors that require the opponent to do all of the work.

    47% for AJ.. looks like KK is sucking dick in this poll like she does irl
  6. High frekkin five.
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  7. Look at my man Dolph cursing like a fuck.:obama:
  8. It probably means nothing. I mean, I don't really think they'll take the poll into consideration when they're booking... but I voted for AJ nonetheless.
  9. Implying I care. :((
  10. If Rocky wants 2 win the title, than I think Lita should too. If she'd be up 4 it, I'd like her. Otherwise, I think Natalya is a good choice
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