Whos next to challenge my girl Paige?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by BrockLesnarFanForLife, Jun 2, 2014.

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  1. Whos next to challenge my girl Paige?

    Paige successfully defeated Alicia last night at Payback

    Page has beat Tamina, Alicia, Aksana so far. So come on whos next???

    Paige's reign continues and she is unstoppable
  2. Kelly Kelly
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  3. Maybe Naomi, she gave AJ a good run for her money.
  4. Stephanie mcmahon without a match.
  5. The next random diva they pick
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  6. Oh wow. 3 jobber divas. She's obvi unstoppable.
  7. Paige is clearly a lesbian.
  8. As I said previously.... she will go through each diva... and then AJ will return and whip her ass and get the title back. Then Paige will sink into oblivion with the rest of the divas.
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  9. Paige and AJ will wind up feuding for like 10 straight years and nobody outside of borklazer****fornow will care
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  10. I agree lad that the womens divison is shite, but lay off the personal insults

    the womens divison is good for providing the big lasses with jeff hardy fishnets with a bit of pleasure. so i dont know what you issue is lad. leave it alone
  11. You say that like it's a bad thing
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  12. Paige's moveset to me legit is aj's just with a few small differences. They both are midgets, and their fights will be absolute garbage. The only improvement the diva's division has made this year is keeping emma the fuck away with her "dance" alongside Santino.
  13. Like many have said It does not matter who faces her next as she will win as they are still building her character up on TV. Personally, I would just feed Alicia Fox to her again. Alicia got the pin on Nikki Bella and continued her ridiculous yet slightly watchable antics, why not continue Alicia's momentum.
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  14. Right on. 100% behind this.

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  15. Charlotte Flair would be beast.
  16. 40,000 worthless posts and let's say conservatively 30,000 of them are about BLFFL. You're crushing pretty hard on her.
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  17. The Divas whole entire section is a mess right now. They had AJ power housing the title which made all the other divas look pointless now Paige has the belt... And no offense to her but I simple don't see anything appealing with her. She is the British, Gothic AJ minus the crazy.
  18. I'd say you get Mickie James to return and then the following week have AJ come back and then do a triple threat for the Divas champ at some point.
  19. Mickie James and AJ together in the ring with Paige would completely make Paige look like Eva Marie.... she would look lost. Not saying Paige doesn't have some skills but they are of no use when you don't use them. She has proved that she can take bumps though as she gets the shit beat out of her and then becomes Super Paige.
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