News Who's on The List of Jericho?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Prince Bálor, Oct 14, 2016.

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  1. Via Y2J's FB page:
    What a legend.
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  2. Lionheart is all grownup.
  3. I want to be on the list.
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  4. Hey it's supposed to be a scratched off Stephanie Mcmahon on that list.:y2j:
  5. I hope as soon as he sees Goldberg he puts him down lol
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  6. Gotta love Y2J. Legend!
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  7. That'll show that stupid cameraman! :tough:
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  8. I have a list too and none of you wanna be on it. :tough:
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  9. We don't want none, no, we don't want none.
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  10. While we're at it, Chris Jericho should totally make the list of all people who are gonna get IT! :smug:
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  11. I do
  12. Ask and the GOAT delivers! :jeritroll:
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  13. LMAO. The GOAT always delivers IT! :jeritroll:
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  14. lol I love Jericho. Something so simple, yet beyond effective. I wanna be on the list
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  15. This is by far one of Jericho's best runs ever. Great matches, amazingly entertaining character and amazing memes. He's reinvented himself to a tee, and it's really awesome.
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