Who's Overrated #2: Brodus Clay vs Great Khali?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by PSachkovsky, Feb 2, 2013.

  1. Brodus Clay

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  2. Great Khali

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  2. LOL neither.
    Khali is so awful anyway but he is not winning championships and getting time in the main event or even in the mid card you know, so you can't call him overrated.

    Brodus can be great if he is a heel, so no.. he is not overrated either.
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  3. Whose more overrated, CM Punk or Shaemus. :damnn:

  4. Wouldnt say either are rated at the minute. Bodus had potential until being lumbered with the Funkasaurus gimmick and being involved in squash matches or squashed.
  5. I'm voting for Khali, even though he isn't really "rated" that much, but for a guy like him, being the... in-ring competitor, talker, and charismatic being that he is, just having a WWE contract is already being overrated imo.
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  6. The marks rate Khali as tough, so him.
  7. Went Khali. His offensive repertoire of people run into his chops is pretty damn embarassing.
  8. TGK is more overrated in my honest opinion. He can hardly walk, talk or even have a proper 3 minute match.
  9. Comparing Khali to Brodus? C'mon Brodus is way better
  10. Brodus is actually underrated, being stuck in a gimmick which, at first, yes, was entertaining and fresh, but because of horrible booking it got to the stale boring point that it is. Really hoping some creative changes happen there.
  11. Khali's a former World Heavyweight Champion, and quite popular in India (well, he was at one point, no idea if he still is), and Brodus Clay's biggest accomplishment probably involves dancing . . . Khali easily.
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