Who's Overrated: Goldberg vs Ryback

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by PSachkovsky, Feb 1, 2013.

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  1. Goldberg

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  2. Ryback

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  2. As much as I don't like Ryback. I can't say he's overrated. It's not like has a legion of marks calling him the best ever, or even the best on the current roster or anything.
    Goldberg was a beast.

    Neither are "overrated".
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  3. Ryback. I mean, Goldberg doesn't even get a working image; he's underrated if anything!

    But seriously, just like deth said neither are overrated. While on the topic though, Goldberg > Ryback.
  4. Ryback has been compared to Goldberg, therefore Ryback is overrated.
  5. First image not working, but Goldberg > Ryback all day, everyday.
    Ryback is overrated as fuck.
  6. Yea Ryback is overrated, not that I hate him, but Cmon...he is a just year here and now WWE considers him the future face of the company or something, and Why?
    Because his catch phrase is over. lol
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  7. At this point I think it would have to be Ryback. The "feed me more" gimmick is getting old and a lot of fans have made it overrated and irritating.
  8. LOL The "feed me more" Catch phrase being over with the crowds was the main reason why he was pushed.
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  9. Yeah it's really overrated just like him lol
  10. Ryback is overrated, he put on some terrible matches that are anything past ten minutes with the exception of TLC, but that was more Shield than anything.
  11. Both, but yeah ----- Ryback.
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