Who's pumped up for RAW tonight?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Zamorakian, Jul 15, 2013.

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  1. I feel like this is going to be an epic night so I'm going to have a lot of pizza and coke.

    I seriously love where this Punk/Lesnar feud is going and with Heyman turning on Punk yesterday something is bound to happen.

    What are you looking forward to tonight?
  2. Nothing really. It seems it's going to be good but WWE will fuck it up. I guess something boring will happen. Maybe Bob Van Shy?
  3. I'm more pumped for TNA but tonight's RAW could be promising I suppose. I guess I'm most looking foward to The Wyatt Family,the Rhodes/Sandow feud kickoff,and, a segment/match with Ambrose in it.
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  4. I'm excited for;
    Fallout for Sandow's MITB win, Rhodes reaction.
    Ziggler retaliation towards AJ Lee/Big E.
    If RVD will be there or not.
    What's next for Daniel Bryan.

    Kinda dejected Orton won All-Stars MITB though, don't really feel he needed it or deserved it.
  5. Wouldn't mind seeing a pissed off Daniel Bryan kicking Axel's head in.
  6. Wyatt Fam and Ziggler dumping AJ is about it. Neither Sandow nor Orton as Mr MITB excites me, and I can already feel the facepalm calming on when Cena talks about overcoming the odds. ugh

    Last night was a step back IMO for how great WWE had been in building towards that PPV since Payback.
  7. 1) Rhodes as a face
    2) Wyatt
    3) Ziggler going solo

    Pumped for that.
  8. Wyatt family, Punk/Heyman aftermatch, if RVD will be there or not
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