Who's Sandow gonna be next week?

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  1. Use this thread to predict the many guises of Damian Sandow. All his characters have been based around where RAW or Smackdown is taped, so use that as a clue when guessing.

    Next week's RAW is in Minneapolis Minnesota. So in my mind Sandow should come out as:

    Hyping on about breaking the Undertaker's streak at Mania. Flexing and headbopping like a champ. Only for:

    To come out and F5 him.
  2. What happened to those segments where he came out with a mic threatening to say something and they cut him off?
  3. Vince doesn't care about long-term planning. What happened to Sandow saying he was going "to end the Cena era"? Since then, Sandow hasn't once mentioned it.
  4. Sandow getting F5'd by Lesnar would be an honor IMO.
    He's probably going to come out as Gordon Bombay from Mighty Ducks right?
  5. Yeah, WWE and continuity normally don't have much to do with each other. But this one was more recent so I thought I'd complain about it.
  6. Possibly Kevin Love from the Minnesota Timberwolves. Love is leaving the team, he'll get some major heat.
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  7. Sandow got his ass whipped when he tried to cash in the MITB briefcase... that was the end of his feud with Cena... why talk about it anymore? lol
  8. You realise Sandow made the promo I mentioned after losing to Cena? lol
  9. No I did not realize that... I stand corrected then.
  10. lol Like they'd waste a Lesnar appearance on Sandow. Unless Lesnar was also present on the show to jump start a feud with someone for Summerslam later down the road, I can't see him showing up just to attack a comedy character like Sandow. They wouldn't even have Brock make an appearance when the Elimination Chamber PPV was in his home town earlier this year, so it's hard to envision they would do it with a random Raw appearance.

    Sandow dressing up in MMA gear and pretending to be Brock Lesnar sounds funny, though. I could see Paul Heyman coming out and scolding him for doing so, and then ordering Cesaro to attack and demolish Sandow for it. And not that the Cesaro/Lesnar rivalry would be instigated over this particular segment, but imagine that image - Cesaro beating up a caricature of Brock Lesnar. It could serve as a small hint and prelude to what could come later (i.e. Cesaro standing victorious over the real Brock Lesnar.)
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  11. You are fucking brilliant sir.
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  12. Looks like Sandow had a Dark match at tonight's tapings dressed as Pete Rose for cincinatti haha.
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