Who's siked for Dean Ambrose?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by kanenite95, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. This guy seems pretty legit and is great on the mic.

  2. Been hyped for him for a while.

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  3. Most people here, but it seems like his feud with Foley could have already been ended -.-.

    I'm holding out for it to be a work but I'm not sure. I'm such a big Ambrose mark it's unreal.
  4. Don't know shit about him tbh other than the constant knob gobbling I see from Crayo and Seabs. Don't watch any of the Indy promotions he came up through, don't watch FCW, and don't bother watching vids posted of him. I'll judge him based on what I see when he finally gets called up to the main roster.
  5. Please watch his vids. Please. You know how WWE can make someone shit. I doubt you'd be a Punk fan (or former Punk fan) if you've only just seen him. It's good to know what people CAN do, even when WWE give them crap.
  6. Why? So I can get false hope of him being a big star? No thanks
  7. So you can enjoy a good talent while it lasts. But from the looks of it, they're not toning him down. ON twitter he has much more freedom than the rest, he's apparently having his debut in a big story-line, they're fond of him.
  8. I'd much rather see Ambrose feud with Ziggler. Have them put on some awesome matches and get both superstars over and they deserve it. Just get Ziggler out of this awful feud with Clay and stop jobbing him out
  9. I wouldn't want that, as whoever loses is pretty much buried.

    Eventually a feud between those two could be good.