Who's summer will it be this time?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by pauadrian, Jun 27, 2012.

  1. Usually WWE have amazing storylines in the summer, Orton vs the mcmahons, Nexus, summer of punk etc. So what will shock is this summer?
  2. i really think the wwe needs to do a proper faction storyline
  3. Ziggler will take this summer. end of discussion case closed.
  4. I don't think we are going to get the summer storyline most of us wanted/expected this year. Seems they will try and make 'that storyline' Lesnar/HHH, but fuck that noise.
  5. can see a proper faction forming
    christian, swagger, ary, otunga and ezekial jackson and or mason ryan
  6. I don't think a faction would form but I do agree with Ziggler taking the spotlight.
  7. Well, what we get we get as kind of a surprise, I didn't expect Orton punting Mr Mcmahon or Punk's epic shoot or the nexus invading, it kind of comes as a surprise. If a new faction is formed Ambrose will probably lead it and a true shocker would be take out both Lesnar and triple h
  8. keep dreaming
  9. Arrive.
    Point at sig.

    The actual summer storyline may be Lesnar vs God, but The Blackest Man Alive whoopin' Sheamus's pale ass up and down the streets of LA is MY summer storyline!
  10. Evolution reunion
  11. HHH's, after he buries Lesnar clean at Summerslam. :bury: :shovel: :haha:
  12. AJ will really really push to the top and win some kind of title!
  13. This, WWE realized they do big storylines and when Vince realizes it, he fucks it up hard with his dildo Triple H. They will try to make it all about that match and it will be so overhyped with the weirdest stipulations ever that the majority of the match will be Brock owning then Trips will come back burying the shit outta lesnar. Who ever wins MitB maybe will get a big storyline but most likely they will make that storyline so shitty like all the other MitB storylines except for a few like Edge and Daniel Bryan.