Who's the best face TNA has?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Crayo, Feb 19, 2013.

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  1. Not in terms of drawing or merchandise, but who in your opinion is the best face in TNA at the moment in terms of entertainment and who you like to watch?
  2. I really dig James Storm for some reason, even I don't know why. He's not really out standing in anything but he draws me into him.
  3. That's a hard one. Storm is stale and his momentum seems to stop as soon as it starts. Hardy isn't exactly the most lively of guys nor do I feel like he draws me in to what he is doing. RVD I'm not even going to comment on. I'll oddly enough have to go with Bully Ray, since he refuses to act fully like a good guy nor classify himself as such. His stuff is the most entertaining from me if you remove the Brooke thing. His work with Hulk has been good TV for me.
  4. The Stinger and Bully are miles ahead of all, if Joseph Park counts as well then I'd put him up there.
  6. How could I forget Joseph Park?! Forgive me Mr. Park.
  7. Love seeing Jeff Hardy, he's entertained but not the best wrestler TNA has. Think I like more to see Roode & Aries, love their way to fight
  8. Bully Ray, all the way. The total package, brother :hogan:
  9. Bully, 100%. If you do count Park, then of course him, as well.
  10. 1. Joseph PARK

    2. Sting
    3. Hulk Hogan
    4. Bully Ray
    5. James Storm
  11. Park - 39
    Sting - 53
    Hogan - 59
    Bully Ray - 41

    Does it speak volumes that four of those 5 are considered as old-timers? You can argue 39 isn't old and that Park is doing his best stuff right now, but TNA are seemingly not creating any new star faces now.

    I guess AJ Styles counts as one of their developed successful faces, but he doesn't seem to be in anyone's list.
  12. 39 isn't that old in wrestling if you've taken good care of your body, he has at least 10 years in him IMO.
  13. I'm of the belief that in most cases the older guys should be faces while the younger guys heels. Wrestlers who have been in the business for a while are always gonna find it easier to get face pops, and struggle to get booed if a heel.
  14. I agree that they should be faces, but should they really be the top faces? Or pushed in a way where they're inevitably going to be the top faces? Even if they are not pushed and they are perceived as the top faces, does that speak volumes of the roster?

    All general questions, not necessarily my opinion.
  15. "You can argue 39 isn't old and that Park is doing his best stuff right now"

  16. You assume I read your whole post :awyeah:

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    JK I just wanted to be the one to argue it
  17. Yeah as a general rule I prefer it, but I do sort of agree with the talent TNA has got they should be looking to some of their younger guys to become top faces, hopefully they're doing so with Magnus.

    Oh and has everyone forgotten Joe lol? I reckon he'll be back up at the top soon.
  18. He's off TV these days, probably that.

    Big fan of Park and Bully. I like Storm as well. When I look at his stuff I just feel like he should be a top face.
  19. I so prefer Magnus as a heel, but that's probably one of my unpopular opinions. Same goes for Joe as well.
  20. Glad somebody remembered Joe, but as it stands for TNA the heels are so much better than the faces, and thats what makes it great atm
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