Who's the best never to hold the WWE title?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jun 28, 2012.

  1. So yeah, who's the best talent WWE has ever had NOT to wear the gold. IMO it would be Piper.
  2. Hey Chico, Razor Ramon has to be the one.
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  3. I knew you'd mention Hall.
  4. I knew I would too.
  5. Boogeyman Jr.
  6. Piper is up there at the top. I'll have to think back a bit for more.
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  10. Piper. And it's not even close.
  11. Fucking stole my post with the first response. Hall & Hennig for me as well.

    The thing is it's kind of cool that two all time great talents like these two didn't hold the big prize.. it let's you know that it meant a little more back then, as opposed to today where Great Khali, Jack Swagger, and so many other undeserving guys have gotten lame title runs.


    Lawler is a legend regardless of how lame he is today. It's a good shout. He was never involved with WWE in his prime though to my knowledge, he only came into the company in the 90s, when he was already past his prime. I'm sure if he was with them in the 70s or 80s he would have gotten a run.
  12. another good mention.
  13. Jake the Snake?
  14. Have to go with Piper I am pissed wwe never had him win the belt
  15. Piper, Hall, Hennig, Regal, Owen, Jake "The Snake"... those would be my top picks.
  16. omg how i forget regal?!
  17. Rick Rude, The Million dollar Man, Steamboat... so many greats for the 80s/90s were left out.
  18. For sure, all of those guys should've won the title. They all deserved it. But title reigns were normally a lot bigger than today when they were in their prime, Hogan was running around with the title all year long, etc.
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