Who's the biggest [Insert wrestler] mark in the forums

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Roi, Jun 17, 2013.

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    (I will just post the most common ones)
    Punk: GOhan
    DZ: D'Z
    DBry: Danny
    Shield: Cray (Lady
    ADR ?
    Rhodes Me of course :yes:
    Orton Crayo (Heel)
    Christian Punk or however he's called now
    Cena Gohan
    AJ CrayJ
    Kaitlyn Riot Raven
    Jericho No idea
    Axel Senhor
    Fandango No idea
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  2. Im the biggest APA mark here, I wish I could say Daniel Bryan too, but Danielson beats me at that :okay:
    I mark for Curtis Axel completely.
    I mark for Roman Reigns.
    I mark for Sandow.
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  3. Aids = Cena.
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  4. I mark hard for Dean Ambrose, Dolph Ziggler, and D-Bry.
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  5. I think Gohan has all us fellow fans beat when it comes to CM Punk.

    There's not a whole lotta Randy Orton fans on here, so I'm probably the biggest.
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  6. I mark for dat Alberto Del Rio, so get me down for that one. I go crazy for Sandow as well.
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  7. Active wrestlers or all time?
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  8. Got that Shield wrong, dude. It's a toss up between GrammarNazi82 and Crayo. As much as I do love them, I think they love them more. :dawg: I don't think you can put me down for anything really. My top three lately have been D-Bry, Punk and Shield and someone else has already exceeded in being the best marks for them.

    Hmm, maybe if you broke down the Shield, you can put me down for Seth Rollins. I usually mark the most during a D-Bry + whoever vs. Shield when D-Bry and Rollins get in there together. Then again, Alkaline is a big Rollins fan too... damnit... Erm...

    Oh, I know, if you count NXT, put me down for Emma or Neville. :smug:
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  9. Britanica = The Miz
    Danny = Danielson
    Crayo = John Cena
    Dolph's = Henry
    Farooq = Hornswoggle
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  10. I'll take Bryan Danielson from ROH and someone can take Daniel Bryan. Although I love him in WWE, I loved him more in the indies. Don't hate me DB I love you too!
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  11. :yay:
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  12. Rollins to Alkaline

    Now who is the biggest steen mark? Seabs?
  13. Somehow Jose Tortilla belongs in here. He's certainly the biggest fan of someone, but who?

    Gohan also counts as RVD. He's excited to see him back as the rest of us would like to see a spoon get lodged... never mind.

    I wanna be somebody! :please: inb4ericyoung
  14. Yay, thanks Rodrigo for putting me as the biggest AJ mark. I know there are other AJ fans on the forums so I appreciate that :yay:
  15. I'm the biggest Dean Ambrose mark on the forum and I take pride in this. Haha,fuck you Crayo:bitw:
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  16. I call Tyson Kidd

  17. I shit, pissed and came all at once watching Henry tonight. He had me legit fooled. Fucking brilliant.
  18. Rate segment 1-10
  19. 10

    One of my all time favorite segments
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  20. I don't watch Raw anymore but I read the results every week, literally marked my ass off
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