Who's the guy who you go against the majority with?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Mar 16, 2012.

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  1. I'm pretty sure everyone has a wrestler who they enjoy but the majority in the IWC dislike them or vice versa so post yours here. I enjoy Jeff Hardy's work but people tend to hate on him on forums like this, probably rightly so. As for the hate it's becoming The Rock, I enjoyed him for a long time but his current incarnation barring his concert has been incredibly dull.
  2. I like Sheamus, and the IWC hates him. Same with Jack Swagger. Most people are on Daniel Bryan's dick, but I find his current gimmick/role terrible.

    I also like Jeff Hardy even though most hate him.

    Ryder and Santino are also pretty beloved guys who I could do without, Santino much more so than Ryder
  3. Most people hate Santino actually, but I'm a fan.

    IWC adores Flair and half of them like Hogan, I despise both of them. They also love the Rock but I agree with his return being lackluster, mainly because the #1 guy to hate Cena is beating him weekly.
  5. Brian Kendrick

    Im a fan
  6. :pity: I don't think so Tim
  7. Have you read the amount of hate he gets on most sites lol? Granted he's starting to get over with the majority of them (happened on here too. Everyone hated santino being in EC, now most people like the guy)
  8. Chris Jericho

    Most people who don't understand why Jerichoholics are addicted have never tasted his sweet nectar.

  9. A lot of people like Cena (mostly kids) but I dislike him. I prefer the old Cena.

    The Cobra vs Mr. Sock was the best. :laugh:
  10. Jericho is loved in the IWC.
  11. Wait, I don't get it. Are you against Chris Jericho? Or against those who are against him?

  12. I don't know... all I'm thinking about is my next drink.

    #Jerichoholic :emoji_slight_smile:
  13. So you are a Jericho mark, good, because I thought I was going to have to kill you then.
  14. I see Santino being praised much more than I see him being hated on.
  15. You mean you'd have to change his name to #Face.
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