Who's the latest bad talker to thrive with a manager?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Jul 26, 2013.

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  1. I see many people say managers should be prominent to help those who aren't gifted on the stick build feuds, and use their other talents to become candidates for main eventers. Other than Lesnar, who was the last wrestler to thrive from a good manager without being good at talking?

    Do you think it'd work as well now? I can't remember the last one to thrive. Zeb is managing Swagger, and he didn't thrive, but that's maybe the gimmick's fault and Swaggers. Cesaro hasn't had the booking or gimmick to thrive under it either, so it's harsh to bring him into the discussion. Is it enough now'adays? Do you NEED mic skills to ever become a main eventer? Can there ever be another Brock Lesnar/Heyman situation where someone like Brock can look like such a fucking star while sounding like an idiot? Mic skills have become more and more important in WWE as it evolves, is having a good speaking manager enough?
  2. I think a bad talker can still thrive with a manager. But tbh, since Lesnar, I can't really remember someone who has been put with a mouthpiece and pushed to the moon that failed because he didn't get over (except Swagger, and Cesaro hasn't been pushed that much), so they haven't really thrived because they haven't been put in that situation.
  3. Can't remember the last, but Cesaro will be the next.
  4. I can't recall the last time. Zeb and Swagger had potential but that fell through. Zeb and Cesaro would have a good chance if they dropped Swagger.
  5. I also can't recall the last time before Brock that a wrestler got over because of a mouthpiece substituting for his poor mic skills... The Giant with Jimmy Hart in WCW? That was all the way back in 1995. (Giant wasn't a bad talker, but to this day, he's not really that great of one either.)

    I think to succeed in WWE as a BABY FACE, you need good mic skills, especially if you're the face of the company because the best way to convey emotion is to speak. The audience needs to relate to you in some way and it's hard to relate to someone or get behind someone for the long haul if they never speak. Would masses of people have cared nearly as much about Hogan or Austin or Rock or even Cena if they couldn't talk worth a shit? Obviously not, since their ability to talk was one of the main reasons why they got over. Your gimmick may cover for you sometimes and allow you to get by with saying very few words (Goldberg, etc.) but there will eventually come a point where you're gonna have to say your fair share of words. Heel can maybe get by easier because they're only supposed to get people to hate them and that's easier to do through actions but again, the same rules apply. Eventually, a heel has to speak and without the verbal skills to do so himself, he's gonna need a mouthpiece.
  6. A.W. :sad:
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  7. A moment of silence for my nigga
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  8. He's always be like Kobe in a hotel room... unstopppable

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  9. or Jeebak in a McDonalds playpen
    or Xanth at Tesco
    or Rysenberg on a porn site
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  10. Curtis Axel seems to be thriving off Heyman currently.
  11. Axel is thriving off Heyman, only big bad talker to thrive since Lesnar, I believe.

    If WWE book Cesaro properly, he'll go far. But he's not a bad talker to begin with, I love his promos. He has the look, mic skills and wrestling skills to be a main eventer and as long as he drops Swagger, goes back to being the Swiss Superman but keeps Colter, he'll go far.
  12. Weed Da People team will be the next ones
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