Who's The Most Comedic Kid on the Block?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Roadster, Mar 30, 2014.

  1. Who do you find the most entertaining comedy wise here on WWE...FORUMS.net?
  2. [​IMG]
    I'm cashing in money in the lunchbox to become funniest member
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  3. Hey! How did you get a pic of the guy who mowed my lawn yesterday?
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  4. A fag can put a smile on your face nothing special, now take your pants and shove it because CM Punk is spelled wrong it's spelled like this...That Kid
  5. Don't make me suck your dad's dick. I'm warning you.
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  6. I'm already doing it so....CM PUNK IS SPELLED WRONG...it's spelled like That Kid!
  7. D'Z is overrated.

    Leaning towards Crayo atm. The guy has a quiet sense of humor that I appreciate.
  8. CM Punk is the dullest member on the board. I'm gonna go with @Big Boss.
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  9. I have to go with..... Punk or Farooq or Dat Kid or Jwab or Crayo or Deth or Dolph's or Aids or almost about anyone that is funny.
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  10. Everyone is funny once in a while and currently Big Boss has been making me laugh.
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  11. I knew you'd get jealous.

    It doesn't change the way i feel about you, shadow... Let us run away together and never look back.
  12. Why did the duck cross the road? Because the chicken needed a break.

    I should win :letroll:
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  13. Oval D'z CM and Shadow are the only one's who have gotten me to cackle laughing over the last while. It's the random cheap laughs I love most tbh. The money in the lunchbox thing still makes me laugh out loud randomly for minutes, I cannot think Money in the Lunchbox without breaking out laughing.

    Dat From Jersey kid has his moments too.
  14. No one here is funny, it's all a game of selective breeding
  15. Cute story bro.
  16. It's the truth, or a conspiracy.
  17. It's a conspiracy. Oh snap bro.
  18. Merci.