Who's The Worst Wrestler Of All Time?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by DT-bomb123, Apr 18, 2012.

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  1. Though time there has been many of a poor wrestler
    But who be the worst of the worst?
  2. Khali

    And Warrior was a pretty naf wrestler tbh just over with crowds as he was a bit crazy!

  3. Rob Terry, Khali, Anarquia, Garett Bischoff.
  4. Fuck you Garrett Bischoff hater. He can take a beating and keep proceeding. He took some big bumps in Lethal Lockdown. Did you see his dropkicks?? Pitch perfect! Those sideburns? That's great wrestling.
  5. O yeah, Mr. Sideburns.:yay:
  7. Modern day Lou Thesz up in this bitch

  8. Khali. No doubt about it.
  9. OK, you got me. Garett is the man.:matt:
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  10. Glad you can admit it.

  11. Rob Terry a poor wrestler? Sigh..
    Have to say Khali too. Chop chop chop..
  12. great khali he is same old shit
    Giant González R.I.P if he was pushed like khali he still be better.
    But should have stayed where he was best at basketball.
  13. C.M. Punk.

    Oh, you were serious.

    Then I'll go with David Arquette or Vince Russo (hey, they were WCW Champs; they count).


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  14. Robbie E. Yeah, he can sell, but this clown getting any offense in is a faster cure for insomnia than Big Show.
  15. Are you saying he's good?
  16. Worst wrestler ever? gtfo
  17. Robbie E sucks. Other than people you already mentioned (Khali, K2) he's the worst out there.

    Vladimir Koslov?
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