Who's Theme Was The Best?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Roadster, Feb 8, 2014.

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  1. Now, i'm sure theres been threads like this but what theme is one you would want to listen to, not use as your own (think of it like that)

    I'm all for Raven's WCW theme, and Rhyno's 2003 WWE theme.
    Also i would love to just listen to The Nations 2nd theme

    Tell me your favorite below.
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  3. I really dig the cult of personality and Rocks Hollywood theme.
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  4. Hogan had Hendrix. Hendrix man.
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  5. Rockhouse and VooDoo Child was my jam for years until Nash's version ruined it.

  6. All those.
  7. I swear there has been a million threads on this
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  8. what did you just start watching the office or something?
  9. Nope. Over the last few week I have been watching it, finished it last night. Rewatching it and on season 2 now.
  10. First time seeing a thread like this, if you ask me, best themes are "Glass Shatters" Austin's heel theme, and "You're gonna pay" Biker Taker's 3rd theme, and another would be Punk's 1st theme "This Fire Burns". Love those.
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  11. I mark out like crazy for the Hart Dynasty Entrance now passed on to Natalya.

    Also the Entrance music Sting has used in TNA

    Dolph's is pretty dope.

    Pretty much anything Metal with a good riff I'll mark out to a little bit haha.

    There's a couple more "emo" entrances that I put in a different catergory for Best:
    Show Spoiler

  12. if you wanna go TNA I love Roode's theme.

    Makes it seem like some uber important shit is about to go down
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  13. Goldust's original theme.
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  14. He has more than one theme? I thought he's used "Gold Lust" his entire career and then most recently when he teams with Cody they use a modified version called "Gold and Smoke" but essentially its the same background music just with lyrics added to more of the song.
  15. I think its the same song with different versions. like y2j

  16. Some of the best stuff i found.
  17. Batista's theme always made me freak out when I was a mark in 2006 - 2008
  18. Jericho theme is just epic.
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