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King Of Armageddon

The Dark Traveler
Who’s To Say What I Need...Anymore?

The scene opens from an aerial view above a house at the very end of a cul-de-sac, slowly dropping down before rotating horizontal. Now facing a wide shady porch, our dark individual is leaning over the low stone railing using his forearms for leverage. Darius stares straight forward as if he sees us once the view draws in for a close-up.

I can see that you’re back...once again. But what brings you here this evening? Did you come to celebrate? To give me my just due? To talk with me about my first win in this business?

He pauses as if to wait for a response, then takes a sip out of a Hennessey from his rocks glass and continues…

You know what ‘fuckin’ annoy me about you? You sit there, staring at me, judging my every move...taking notes or whatever the hell you do to pass time. And after all that, you think you know me, don’t you? You think you’ve figured out ME! DARIUS WRIGHT! THE DARK TRAVELER!

There’s another pause as Darius takes another sip of his liquor, gulps, savoring the taste as he nods like in agreeance. And then, he starts right back again…

Well? WELL?!? Come your’s not like you can hide from me...or that you even want to be hidden for that matter. I’m sure we all would like to hear what you have to say, so speak.

This is when another familiar voice begins to talk...from the darkest area on the porch. Slightly hidden out of direct sunlight and wearing his thin black robe, hood on his head and hands wrapped in old tattered tape...up to his forearms.

Yeah...I’m here. I’m here with you...but it looks like you’ve already made up your mind about what you wanna do and how. I’ve tried to explain to you...that this whole thing is about the journey that you take...AND NOT ABOUT ADORATION OR FAME!!! THIS IS NOT ABOUT WINNING! THIS...this is more about the man, the embodiment of darkness who you are destined to be. It is beyond time...for you to let go of any doubts....any worries...any stresses and come join me down the dark path. Darius…

The human-like entity pushes off the wall of this old house and take a few steps toward DW who has his back facing this “person”. This was Darius Wright’s guardian, known for stepping into this man’s life at the precise time he starts his wrestling career. The Dark Guardian consistently has shown up since but only on his own accord...and only at moments that he felt were crucial.

...Darius, I’m not going to force you to follow me but I will continue to urge you to come into my world. You’re ready, it is your time to shine and become whole as your very own dark guardian.

And why does it have to be now? Why is this so important to you? What is it that you get out of this whole ordeal?

...It is my duty and I am honored to have such the responsibility...among others. For you see, I am not just this dark spirit that is here to help guide you but…

He goes to flip his hood off his head and address something vital to our dark-hearted warrior but of course, D-Dub cuts him off before he can finish his sentence.

THIS IS BULLSHIT!!! NO! No...I don’t want this or whatever you’re “offering” me. I am doing just fine my way. I’m doing it all on my own anyway, like I always it’ll always be…

The Dark Guardian leaves the hood as is and comes closer to where Darius is. He goes to say as Darius keeps taking sips from his glass…

Well, I am sorry that you feel that way but that is another reason why I’ve been here. I’m trying to give you another alternative, I’m trying to…

HELP?! YOU’RE TRYING TO FUCKIN HELP ME? HOW?! I DIDN’T NEED HELP WHEN MY PARENTS DIED WHEN I WAS YOUNG! I DIDN’T NEED HELP WHEN I WAS GETTING BULLIED DAY AFTER DAY UNTIL I LEARNED HOW TO FIGHT BACK!...I didn’t need help to be a man...And I damn sure didn’t need your fuckin help when I won my first wrestling match at the inaugural event 2 weeks ago. I just went in, prepared, took my time and figured things out on my own… So you tell me in the hell are you trying to help a Black man like a hood...from these streets...that uses brutality as his solution to pain? A man who punish others as his therapy? A man who carries his sins with him...each and every day of his life? Hmm?!? Now I’m done waiting for this “mythical way” and this “grand design” or fate to make me better and badder. No…”Dark Guardian”, I am asking you to simply... LEAVE ME. THE FUCK. ALONE! I’m doing just fine on my own...and I don’t need you. I told you after the losses I took at the other company and it closed down, and I shouldn’t have to tell you again. Just...go!

Total silence is within the atmosphere, the dark being turns away and walks. But right before he makes his exit, he speaks his last sentiment…

Hey, just remember...when the time comes...and you’re feeling like you have no sense of direction. Just call on me...just call on me and I will be there when it matters.

Just move it along, you dumb ass ghost! Get the fuck on...and go...go haunt some other...muthafucka...mmduhfirkahvg…stupid muddafurkie!

DW is now feeling the intoxication from the alcohol from his 6th glass of Hennessey within the hour. The Dark Guardian fades away within the shadowy area as Darius stumbles to go inside the house, leaving a somewhat empty bottle and glass while barely able to keep his balance as he opens the iron screen door to head off. The end of this scene just pans out amongst the neighborhood until it goes black.
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