Who's ur Fav

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Nikki Nitro, Jul 11, 2017.

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  1. Seth Rollins

  2. Roman

  3. Ambrose

  1. Who is ur Fav out of the Shield members and Why? What was ur Fav match with ur Fav Member
  2. I voted for the 3rd one cuz he makes alot of green, he can get pretty mean, and his name is dean.

    and heres the match.

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  3. *The setup looks exactly like the type of buildings my Dad wresltes in. Same amount of ppl if not more too.*
  4. I'm pretty sure we already did this thread...but I have to vote for Dean...

    Seth is great...but seems directionless and slightly injury prone...
    and I can't stand the other guy.
  5. @Grievous:
    What do u NOT like about Roman?
  6. I'm not going to answer that question...mainly because I refuse to talk about #IgnoreReigns
  7. Roman Reigns
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  8. Seth, the best of the shield. Hopefully he stays injury free now.
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  9. Rollins, followed by Roman and my least favorite is Ambrose. I mean, I really used to like him, but I'm hardly entertained by Ambrose these days.
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  10. I agree with the staying injury free statement
  11. Seth Rollins by far, especially in 2014 when he was a heel and he had the feud with Lesnar and when he feuded with Ambrose leading up to the lumberjack match which was, shock horror, interesting and different from what they usually do.

    He's the best in-ring, the best seller without looking stupid (see Ambrose), can get by with his mic skills and doesn't say cringeworthy things often (see Reigns), a great heel, not so sure on him as a baby face and has the most memorable moments in the last 3 years, for all the right reasons.

    Maybe Reigns is bigger and Ambrose is better on the mic but overall, Rollins is the best overall. I just wish he would just stop changing his finish and develop some more dimensions as a baby face other than "I came back from injury and I'm sorry for breaking up the shield".
  12. Really? He's "sorry" for breaking up the Shield? Im glad he did that way we know what Kind of Talent they all have on their own.
  13. That's basically the promo he cut, I've always cringed a bit when tag teams and stables split and one minute they're unapologetic and for no reason are completely apologetic. Like when Owens turned on Y2J and they immediately had this heated blood feud after one segment lol.
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  14. In the SHIELD - Ambrose.
    After SHIELD - Rollins.