Who's worse? Santino Marella and Robbie E comparison thread

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Stopspot, Jul 10, 2012.

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  1. Time for another compare WWE vs TNA characters thread. This time we delve into the murky, sticky and often times scary waters of worst characters on both brands.

    In the WWE corner we have Santino Marella, the current United States champ.
    In the TNA corner we have former TV champ Robbie E.


    Discuss people. Who has the worst gimmick, who has the worst jokes and storylines, who is the worse character.

  2. Santino actually makes me laugh, so him. And he's a good wrestler.
  3. I say Santino, he is annoying these days and is no way cool anymore. He is just a barney the dinosaur with a puppet instead of an outfit
  4. I haven't seen enough of Robbie E to complain about him, only say Angle squashing him once, so... I'd say Santino wins by W.O. then.
  6. Santino also makes me laugh to be honest. With me not watching TNA I don't know who Robbie E it, so I can only go off Santino, but I can't say a bad word about him as I actually enjoy watching him.
  7. Santino is mis-used. He's a damn good wrestler and what do they do? Turn him into a clown..

    Robbie is funny imo..
  8. Robbie E is horrible. The whole character just gets on my nerves and I stop paying attention when he comes on my tv.

    I love Santino, but wish they would scale it back some.
  9. dunno who robbie e is
  10. [​IMG]

  11. He's hilarious. SUN OMA GUN
  12. The big difference between the 2, is that this Rob E looks so gay in the picture, but Santino just looks daft.
  13. Santino looks like Chuck Liddell in that pic. :dawg:
  14. I think Santino is a decent wrestler, and from the little I have seen from Robbie E, nothing has stood out from him in my eyes. That's enough to make me come to the judgement that Robbie E's worse.
  15. Santino. Robbie E actually gets squashed like he should, while Santino wins with the worst finisher ive seen in a long, long time.
  16. In a vacuum Santino is better. In reality Santino is tuned to entertain little kids and is featured way to fucking much by WWE. Robbie E is funny at times and a great seller, and is hardly seen in TNA.

    Robbie E is 'better' all things considered at this point in time.
  17. I love santinos character, i just wish theyd give him better matches and storylines
  18. Are you really 5 years old like your profile says? It would make sense tbh
  19. I also like cena.. COME AT ME.
  20. You also gave this week's Raw an 8/10

    how old are you really bro. I'm curious.
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