Who's your favorite "chocolate midget" ?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Neptune, Apr 1, 2016.

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  1. Here at WWEF all midgets lives matter, not just the vanilla ones. :titus:

    Who is your favorite chocolate midget?

    (Yes I am aware the term doesn't necessarily mean "white", just making a joke of it)

    For me it is Kofi. He can wrassle amazingly well but ya know... Mic skills where you at!? :kofi:
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  2. Jonathon Coachman
  3. Vanilla Gorilla >

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  4. Xavier Woods.. I can't stand the New Day as a group, but Xavier never fails to entertain.
  5. Xavier Woods
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  6. Bubba Ray
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  7. Are we allowed to chose anyone from any time period? Because my pick would probably be Shelton Benjamin. He was athletic as hell, could do shit in the ring that 99% of people couldn't, but he unfortunately didn't have the charisma to accompany the skill set he had in the ring, which prohibited him from ever receiving a bigger push. The match he had with HBK on Raw back in 2005 was excellent and telling of what kind of classics he could have churned out on a bigger stage:

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  8. Vanilla means bland, not white. Black guys can be vanilla midgets. Kofi is.
  9. Someone apparently didn't read the OP.
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  10. Having now read the OP, I'm even more offended.
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  11. OP burying Kofi's mic skills? Didn't think I'd ever read that again
  12. I'll say this randomly: Mania was the first time I really watched a New Day segment. I was somewhat impressed and somewhat cringing. They have charisma and a decent gimmick but so much of what they did and said just killed it for me. If I was able to write the New Day segments and characters they would be primo.

    I mean, booty os? what 9 year old came up with this stupid shit
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  13. I'll / you Aids
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  14. I was making a joke but the topic was serious in saying who was your favorite "bland" or "basic" black wrestler. I have said Kofi was good in ring for years now but he just don't have it on the mic. Even with the New Day, he is my least favorite of the three talking. So by definition, I consider him a vanilla midget.

    Make sense now?
  15. Hi I'm Dolph's from WhatCulture.com and this is how I WOULD HAVE BOOKED IT.
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  16. lol You don't have to be a savior I wasn't being racist. I made a joke of a term used in wrestling but the topic is and was favorite black vanilla midget
  17. [​IMG]
  18. Didn't know D'Z was a bland Eurofag.
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