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  1. Who's your favorite user, no flaming. Just post why, mine is @Dolph'sZiggler and @deth why? They understand humor and are humorous themselves. When they insult you, you know it's an honor.
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  2. You should change your name to Action Jackson, and dedicate every post to his memory.
  3. @Tyler Durden - The only cat I've seen on here who understands the wrestling business while being completely detached.
    @Wacokid27 - Might be the smartest dude on the board... only because he shares his views on multiple topics
    @Lockard - Greatest mind on the board... he's a WWE specialist, can't really see anybody coming close
    @Dolph'sZiggler - Knew this cat since we both first joined...I said some un-PC sh**, then D'Z was like 'I'm a jerk,too'...and the D'Z you know now was born. Before that, this place 100% polite and 0% insutling.
    @Crayo - For the record, Crayo really is the heart and soul of this forum. This site has changed and even he has too, but anybody that's been here since the beginning knows this was his vision from the start

    That's my five, rack 'em. I hate doing these, but since I don't do groups or sh**y bromances... I figured I would humble myself

    Honorable Mention: @Testify, @deth (who shares my very sick sense of humor) and @Snowman aka Draine
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  4. :downer:
    Dat Kid - he's black
    CrayJ Lee - she's hot
    CM Punk - he's Canadian
    Shadow - his sister is hot
    Aids Johnson - he's a drunk
    Gohan - he's a retard
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    We had a "Top 10 Users" thread, so just gonna do that. This is just off the top of my head...

    Show Spoiler

    1: GN for being the best friend that anyone could have
    2: Waco because despite posting in the WS so often and writing so much, every post is a must-read for many reasons
    3: Dolph's for spamming the NFL thread and making me feel like a dumbass
    4: Crayo, ly bbygurl xoxoxo
    5: Testify for wanting to have a 4-way with Lindsay Vonn
    6: CrayJ for being super friendly
    7: Danny for being even friendlier but less hot
    8. Shadow for showing me music and inviting me to EGO so I can barely be active there
    9: Lockard, he's the glue that keeps this place together. He just knows so damn much!
    10. Miss Deathbane because it's nice to have another crazy person to talk to if she'll ever show up again

    EDIT: Forgot about you, KLockard,can't leave you out! And Crayo isn't an asshole anymore! :yay:
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  6. Why no me taking CrayJ's spot, I'm hot to...
  7. I really like that guy Danielson. Why? He is uber neat! He like totally buys every single person in AD Legend even if they don't post much. What a guy! He's also the funniest member here, and a knowledgeable wrestling fan to boot. No one else compares to based Danny.
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  8. The entire nWo crew.
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  9. I would say Dolph'sZiggler is the biggest douche on this forum, but hey... that's me.
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  10. wk
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  11. @seabs
    When I first joined, I debated with Seabs about Punk and I think Crayo was in that convo a little bit, too. Seabs told me that he hasn't had a good debate like that in ages.....:please:
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  12. My favorite poster?

    She knows...
  13. Probably Stopspot or Shadow or Punk maybe Dolph's and Aids actually or Grammar and Rain. No one matches to Crayo, creamy nipples and all well except Xanth when he manages to climb up the stairs without a fall. Anonymous is bipolar and hates the attention Solidius keeps this place running without limitation. Danielson, Cloud and Senhor are the forums best team of dinosaurs. Waco dazzles with logic whilst JC is relatable with knowledge about the WWE Clown loves Japan with his alter ego more into TFA. You know who I love best Jabri? This entire community.
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  14. ^This.
    lolol no but I had to laugh at that one..

    Uhm, no but really my favorite is that one guy
  15. I don't have 'favorites' for the most part, but I enjoy reading what a lot of posters have to say in the wrestling section where I spend 98% of my time: Wacokid (I'm not going for a specific order here, but Waco likes more of my posts than anyone, so I'm still putting him first), Mustafar (he barely posts, sure, but I love reading what he has to say when he does), Rainman, Stopspot, Dolph's, Seabs, JC4Life37 (very knowledgeable and funny poster), Shadow, Crayo, etc. Also love Lady Deathbane for being hot and CrayJ and Brit for being cat ladies (and hot.) Also like Nero for some reason. Like reading Candy Colored Clown's opinions on things in the rare time he posts (he posts a lot more frequently over at WF.) Deth is a strange one, which I can relate to as it pertains to my real-life personality, so he deserves a mention, too. Solidus is a huge MGS fan (which shows excellent taste), so he deserves a mention as well. Don't feel bad if I left you out, as I'm mainly going off-the-cuff here.
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  16. Brit and Brit only
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