Who's your favourite actor?

Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Crayo, May 27, 2013.

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  1. Or actress if you wish. It's tough, but Denzel Washington wins it for me.
  2. I've been getting into a lot of Chaplin recently, the way he merged political and sociological issues in with slapstick was fricken unreal. A great example is how Modern Times speaks on the great depression, the mental stress placed upon people doing repetitive work and how far people can fall to chase a more comfortable life (The Tramp attempting to get imprisoned again as it's a more comfortable life is such an interesting idea.) Also The Great Dictator has such a great message about war, especially the final speech.

    I doubt many on here will enjoy his style but I love it personally.
  3. Chaplin was a great shout out. The great dictator is one of the overall best films I've seen that have tried delivering a message.

    Gary Oldman is one of my favorite actors.
  4. Big Denzel Washington by a long way for me.
  5. Bruce Willis / Denzel Washington
  6. Gary Oldman has so much variety its pretty scary, similar to Johnny Depp really.
  7. Will smith. He's too damn awesome.
  8. Due to my personal preferences I'm much more familiar with voice actors but for the sake of this thread I'll ignore those. When I do watch live action shows (I know this doesn't just pertain to shows but I don't really watch enough movies to judge solely on that), it's generally sitcom/comedies so pretty much everyone here will be in that domain so keep that in mind. Anyway off the top of my head, Michael J. Fox is probably my favorite. Loved him in the Back To The Future franchise (easily my favorite movie franchise which isn't that impressive since it's only real competition is The Dark Knight Trilogy) and in Spin City (which is probably my favorite role from him). Pretty excited for his new sitcom coming out. I can throw out plenty of other actors/actresses but honestly, I'm only familiar with most of them through one role and it feels kind of stupid to me to label someone as one of my favorites if I've only witnessed one role by them, regardless of how well they performed.
  9. Favorite movies are comedies, so Will Ferrell.
  10. Al Pacino, Leo Dicaprio.

    Scarlette johanson, Natalie Portman
  11. Al Pacino and Denzel Washington for me, I haven't watched a movie from them that was bad!
  12. Finally someone says Leo
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  13. Leo is probably top 5 for me, DJango and Gangs of New York are the best films I like from him.
  14. Ed Norton.
  15. Close one for me, got to go a three way, but one is good due to voice acting for the most part, which is Mark Hamill. His roles in Star Wars was great, I enjoyed the way he portrayed Luke Skywalker. Outside of that though, his vocals as the Joker for the original Batman series was tremendous. I thought he was one of the best Jokers for animations ever, and still do. He even plays Fire Lord Ozai in Avatar and Skips in Regular Show, so that's a double bonus since I think he was a great Fire Lord, and is the nice tough guy as Skips.

    Second one is Harrison Ford. His role as Han Solo is one of my favorites since he played the smart ass tough guy character good, and the love scenes with Leia sold me. He developed his character pretty good, slowly going from the smartass smuggler, to a smartass war hero, to a loyal smartass lover. I think I just have a soft spot for a smartass character :obama: I also caught him slightly similar in Indiana Jones, but I think it went good with the character. Air Force One was also a movie I thought he was pretty good in, the whole president thing was much different then being a smuggler, but he still played the part good too.

    Third has to be Will Smith. Fresh Prince of Bel Air is one of my favorite shows of all time, watched almost every single one and Will is fucking boss on them :obama: Even big ear smilie president said he would want Will to play the part of him for the ears. He sold me on Pursuit of Happiness as well, maybe using his own son helped, but the movie gave me feels. Men in Black, Bad Boys, and Independence Day were also great movies, I loved every single one of them, even watched them all while growing up. Wild Wild West is one I thought was alright, I honestly didn't think it was as bad as people made it out to seem. I also thought his voice acting in Shark Tale was pretty good.
  16. Joel McHale
    Matt Damon
    Jeff Bridges
  17. Leonardo DiCaprio
    Donald Glover - I love everything that he is in. I started watching Community cuz of him and now I own every season of Community on DVD that has been released so far.
    Mark Ruffalo
    Isla Fisher - She is hot and a great actress.
    Samuel L. Jackson
    Tim Roth
  18. Saw this in the similar threads and figured it deserved a bump.

    Right now I'd say Tom Hardy is probably my favorite actor. He's just been on a roll with his last few films, and has a couple coming out this year that look pretty damn good. Legend for example.

    Jake Gyllenhaal has been really good as well recently, and Southpaw looks like it'll be really good.

    Leo would be another, but he hasn't really came out with anything in a while.
  19. Drama:


    Too many to name.
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