Who's your least favorite Superstar to ever appear on RAW?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by akapablo_, Apr 22, 2013.

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  1. One word Vader
  2. The Miz
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  3. Khali whenever he does. :eww:
  4. You mean ever ever ever? That's a lot of people to pick from.

    Vader is awesome, for the record.

    My pick for current day Raw superstar as far as the regulars go would also have to be The Miz.
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  5. the miz
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  6. Drew Carey *clap clap*
  7. Hornswoggle during the illegitimate son angle with Vince probably tops it for me.
  8. Vader really op?
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  9. Mantaur, seriously... wtf was tha?
  10. Khali. Vader is awesome.
  11. Current : The Miz
    Past : That dude that busted out of an egg... :facepalm:
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  12. My vote is for Mahal, I don't really like him too much and his way to fight leave me some doubts about if he's good enough to compete
  13. Cena

    :hmm: Yeah, kinda' a tie between Khali and Miz. Don't really care for either.
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  14. Khali..

    Slow ass fuck..
  15. Khali, I hate the fact Natalya has to be with him
  16. Ryback
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  17. Tie between Ryback and Miz.

    Miz as I have stated before I have a strong disliking for him.

    Ryback is just talentless and a danger to the well being of people on the roster, In the last few months how many reports have there been about heat on his for recklessness? His mic skills are non existent and in ring he is very limited.

    Note: Bumped instead of making new thread.
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  18. There's plenty of guys who are very annoying at certain times that I'd beg to go away (most notably Cena) but also have their good moments.
    Guess I'll go Sheamus since it seems like every segment he's in would be better without his presence.
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