Money in the Bank Who's your pick to win the 'Money In The Bank' Ladder match?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Prince Bálor, Jun 1, 2015.

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  1. Reigns

  2. Orton

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  3. Neville

  4. Kofi

  5. Ziggler

  6. Sheamus

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  1. It's a no-brainer. Gotta go with Reigns.
  2. Kofi obviously
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  3. Neville obviously
  4. It'd make perfect sense for Ambrose to win the briefcase considering A.) Money In The Bank this year is in his home-state of Ohio, and B.) He was screwed out of it last year and was just screwed out of the WWE Title at Elimination Chamber last night as well, both times involving Rollins. Plus, Seth Rollins fearing for his championship all Summer long due to having Brock Lesnar chasing after him on one side and Ambrose waiting in the shadows for the right time to cash in on the other would make for some pretty entertaining television. But Dean and Seth are almost certainly gonna battle it out over the title again at the PPV, so scratch that one.

    Without Ambrose in the match, Roman Reigns is the obvious answer... Especially if they want to book a triple-threat match between he, Rollins, and Lesnar for the title at Summerslam since the briefcase could be the catalyst for how Reigns grants himself another shot at the title.

    Personally, I hope it's just like 2013 all over again, where it seems like it's headed one way but they decide to go with an unexpected winner instead.
  5. They said that they were going to announce more people for this, so without knowing I wouldn't bother to hazard a guess.
  6. Reigns is not winning the MITB ladder match. I'll lay money on that. He doesn't need it. He'll be handed opportunities and be cheated until they decided to give him the belt. It'll probably Kevin Owens or Neville....guess it depends. Maybe Bray Wyatt? Even Dean.
  7. Why are some of you throwing out random names when it was confirmed that those are the competitors in MITB? lol

    Hopefully Reigns or Ziggler. I think Reigns can honestly win a championship without it, but it wouldn't hurt.
  8. This has Reigns winning written all over it
  9. Those are the confirmed ones during EC yesterday, Cole also stated there are two more spots left.. I imagine Bray and Ambrose will be those last two.
  10. I doubt Ambrose will be in it since someone has to face the champion.
    I don't know why Bray would win it after he's been booked.
    Neville is basically the Shelton Benjamin of the match.
  11. They should have two matches on these two build up RAWs to determine who the last two contestants are.
  12. Because "anything" can happen in the WWE :emoji_wink:
  13. Then why hasn't Hulk Hogan won the championship yet?
  14. He did... You just don't know it yet.
  15. Since it was made official last night, that Ambrose will be in a WWE-WHC ladder match against Rollins... We obviously know who will win the MITB - Reigns.

    I'd be surprised if anyone else ended up winning it.
    Unless WWE decides to be like "LOL.SWERVE!" and Sheamus wins it and then cashes it on Ambrose immediately after he wins the title from Rollins.
    I really doubt it will happen this way, but you never know with WWE.
  16. If reigns wins it, I'll be shocked. I just don't see it. The only way I see this happening is if he wins and cashes in at summerslam when Brock tries to fight Seth. It'll make it a triple threat rematch.
  17. I just don't see Reigns not winning it.

    That's what the word on the street has been for a while now. Bork vs Rollins vs Reigns at SS. But, I guess we'll see.
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  18. Meltzer and Alvarez had a theory/idea on the Wrestling Observer radio show after the PPV that Ambrose could win the championship for real at MITB, and then Reigns could cash in the briefcase on him afterwards and rip the hearts out of everyone's chest (it''ll be Dean's hometown crowd, remember), finally turning Reigns in the process.

    Of course, this wouldn't really make sense in light of Brock returning not just for his championship but to dismantle Rollins personally, and it'd make me question where that leaves Seth with The Authority without his title and whether they'd replace him with Roman Reigns as their golden boy and turn Seth face in a rather rushed, less-than-organic way, etc., etc. But other than that, I like the idea in theory.
  19. I had that exact same idea (last night in the RAW LD) of Reigns cashing in on Ambrose and turning heel.
    That would be interesting as hell.

    But yeah, where would that leave Rollins and The Authority? The Rollins face turn would've been abrupt as hell that way.
    And Bork should be gunning for Seth when he's back, as you've just said, not just for the championship, but personally, too.

    Or... If The Authority decided to make Reigns as their golden boy, then Bork shouldn't really care about who has his championship, he just wants to wreck that person and regain it.
  20. The Great British pride inside of me wants Neville to win.

    God save the Queen.
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