Why ADR Became Champion

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  2. lolwut? :dafuq: So ADR won because of Cain Velasquez?
  3. I guess their logic was that Cain was a huge draws because of his Latin heritage and WWE presumed they could capitalise on ADR. Terrible logic.
  4. So WWE is booked by Eric Cartman?
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  5. :lol1: Screw you guys, I'm going home! [​IMG]
  6. :dafuq:


    Seriously, I was all for ADR winning the title, but not because of a stupid UFC title change.

    Screw you WWE!
  7. Copycats? Puh-lease. Copying the UFC will get you nowhere, you're a completely seperate entity.
  8. So, the title change is because of Cain Velasquez? Oh well, I don't mind.
  9. That's ridiculous. What, will Vince just one day go "hey guys, those UFC people are hitting each other for real and making some great money on PPV, let's start fighting for real too!"?
  10. Let's hope to god an Italian doesn't become UFC champion :eww:
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  11. Why can't his title run be because he's a great worker in the ring. It would make sense though, because WWE has no current latin face if you think about it. Mysterio and Cara are consistently out of the picture, so that just leaves Del Rio because Hunico is injured. WWE needed a latin face, it had nothing to do with Cain Valasquez winning. I think the title change was just to emphasize that he's the new top dog when it comes to the latin wrestlers.
  12. So...ADR gets a championship reign because of Velazquez?
  13. Hmm interesting theory. I'm assuming vince was informed of the success, because Vince doesn't pay attention to anything out of the WWE. He gets 5 min run downs
  14. This sounds weird to me, the RTWM is normally the time when most storylines (at least the major ones/ones for belts) are all set and they'd avoid changes, and ADR winning out of nowhere sounds like more of a last minute decision. Could see Vince reacting like that to the UFC stuff "they're making money out of Mexico? I gotta get myself some of that" or something and putting the belt on Del Rio, but if they just wanted a new latino face, a last minute decision like that sounds like something they'd do after WM. Still, he's entertaining me as champ, so no problem there actually.
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