Why AEW competing with NXT instead of big brands like RAW/SMACKDOWN?


LDW Management
Because they can't.
Basically. No matter how hot AEW's first year as compared to most promotions' opening year (aside from the Pandemic which fucked over every promotion even WWE, actually pretty good) they are a new brand trying to get themselves built compared to what most people see as the poster child of "Pro Wrestling." Even they are trying to get stars built right now whether mainly not familiar with a larger American audience, or former WWE stars trying to build their new identity. Them going head to head with Raw or Smackdown would be a death sentence. NXT is there because they tend to cater to a more hardcore audience, which is sort of AEW's base audience, they were already on Wednesday, and moving to two hours to complete was WWE's move to try to give AEW competition.

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