why alberto del rio not challenging sheamus at hell in a cell 2012?

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  1. what happened to feud between sheamus and del rio?
    came to end?

    why big show entered between these two?
  2. I have no idea lol.
  3. Probably, and it's about time, that feud went on for far too long. Though, I kinda feel bad for Del Rio, he pretty much got buried night in, night out lol
  4. the tag match main event after night of champions had the stipulation that the non title holder on the winning team would get a title shot. Cena won thus Cena got his shot at Punk. Eliminating Del Rio form world title contention for now
  5. WWE actually did a smart thing.
  6. The feud was boring as shit, that's what happened. They need to freshen up the title scene, unfortunately they chose the not so fresh Big Show.
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  7. Because the fired creative and finally hired monkeys.
  8. Sheamus vs Del Rio played its part already. I wouldn't put Big Show there, but at least it hasn't happened 3 times in the last 3 months.
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  9. I sincerely have no idea why you hate on ADR so much.

    ADR is done in that scene for now because Sheamus cannot lose. Whoever faces Sheamus will lose, and him vs big show will be lesnar goldberg quality.
  10. It's not my hate for Alberto Del Rio, it's the hate that the same Main Event feud has dragged on too long. It's started to become a little bit predictable. (As if it wasn't already) I'm glad they're mixing it up a little. Albeit he's versing The Big Show. I'm sure if Show loses and then hits Sheamus with a KO punch and then Ziggler cashes in. It would seem better than ADR beating down Sheamus for Ziggler to cash in.
  11. I will take option 2, show letting DZ win, but as soon as it happens i dont want a zig/show feud, which would most likely happen. Whatever happens, we need Sheamus off the title.
  12. I completely agree with you about getting Sheamus off the title there are plenty of ways to swing this. I would have Wade Barrett & Big Show in a stable.

    I would let Big Show lose to Sheamus but then knock him out. Let Ziggler cash in and win.

    And then Ziggler feud with Barrett.
  13. Well, they had to stop doing Sheamus vs ADR for like 5 ppvs straight but they should've ended their feud properly. After NoC on the RAW, ADR just comes out asking for the title shot at WWE Championship lol. Doesn't even explain or talk about the WH title. They should've made the NoC match as ADR's last chance at getting a title shot for the WHC while Sheamus has it. Then it would make sense for ADR not going after WHC.
  14. WWE doesn't have the balls to do heel/heel feuds.
  15. Predictable? What is there to predict? Shemaus wins always.
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  16. WWE always does face vs heel. Sheamus has beat the hell out of ADR for 3 months now, and ADR never was a believable opponent. They had to do something, and now that he's had time to get the taste of Cena's personal bitch out of our mouths, Big Show's the most credible heel they have due to his size alone.

    Either way, this match is an anti-draw for the PPV. Nobody wants to see this. And looking at the title scene on Smackdown, Ziggler winning the belt has to happen pronto. Yeah, he'll be the least credible champion since Jack Swagger, but at least the crowd cares about him. Nobody cares about Sheamus, ADR, or Big Show, and Ziggler's way more popular than Orton.

    Not that the WHC means anything, but still.
  17. ?

    Name me some heel/heel feuds that have happened recently.
  18. Edited, too busy worried about my keyboard issues to focus on actually typing shit.

  19. i agree. The only draw is the possibility that Ziggler might cash in which is considerably strong being that it's hell in a cell and the opponent is big show.
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