Why Alex Silva vs. Sam Shaw Didn't Happen

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  1. According to PWInsider, the reason Alex Silva wasn't shown on IMPACT last night was because he hadn't arrived at the building yet due to travel issues. In case you missed it, Silva was scheduled to wrestle Sam Shaw when Wes Brisco and the Aces and Eights supposedly attacked Silva backstage. The beating wasn't shown and only referenced.
  2. Nice way to work around it.
  3. Well isn't like Silva wow's the crowd anyways, lol.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. Good to know, it looked cool imo. They solved that problem really good
  7. They could fly one kid from Louieville Kentucky in without any problems but not two?
  8. Silva is from Quebec dude. He wrestles in OVW, doesn't live there.
  9. I assumed that OVW operates somewhat like NXT, with not only weekly tapings, but house shows, daily training, promo and character classes and such which would require him to relocate to the Kentucky area.
  10. OVW does weekly shows, and ocassional Saturday night specials and live events. Don't know about other stuff you mentioned though. Most of the OVW talent does live in the Kentucky area, but some don't, like Silva.
  11. That clears it up. I'm not up to date on the TNA developmental system, mostly because there isn't that much news released about it (or at least not in the channels I follow) whilst NXT requires you to live in the Florida (preferablyTampa/Orlando) area. I thought there was something similar going but on there.
  12. I don't follow OVW weekly at all lol, I just read the reports on TNAsylum because I wanna know what's going on with Crimson, Bradley, Spud, Shaw, SIlva and D. Williams.

    It seems cool though, as Crimson's Coalition is kinda BOSS stable, but I don't have time to catch up with it. Bradley is the next Heavyweight champion there, it looks.
  13. Hmm. Any idea who the creative team down there is? I know that Danny Davis and Al Snow are heavily involved but which one is the booker?
  14. Davis is THE MAN as far as I know, along with Al Snow and Nick Dinsmore. Doug Williams also has some control now too.
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