Why all the hate for Sheamus?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Snowman, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. This guy seems to be more hated than anyone else on the roster not named Cena right now. Sheamus has really gotten to be hated by the fans, why do you think that is?

  2. Because he's being overpushed considering his limited ability. Still, WM will backfire on him :emoji_slight_smile:
  3. I'm a fan of #TheGreatWhite but he's being over pushed
  4. As they've shoved him down our throats week in week out recently and the fact every match ends the exact same way and as much as his Mania match was funny at the time the fact it was 8 seconds and a brogue kick was annoying and no doubt why with the good crowd last nite he was getting boos.
  5. Fucking Mayo!
  6. This.

    How can anyone be surprised? When I first started hating on him months back, I foresee the IWC and the audience turning on him. People called me a blind hater, but once again it's come true. This bullshit smiley burial gimmick won't work any more Vince. There can't be another Hogan. Bryan was the most chanted superstar at RAW. The guy who has been the biggest heel, was chanted the loudest. Sure it's a smark city, but that would have never happened for Rock in his prime, Hogan in his prime or Austin in his prime. Wrestling fans have changed, so change your wrestling show.

    I do believe Brock's return means we'll continue this edgy stuff though. RAW is changing, I'm sure of it.
  7. Because of all the reasons that have recently been stated. Shaemus is a talented wrestler and quite charismatic but he is being showed down our throats. "THIS IS THE GUY YOU ARE SUPPOSE TO LOVE! LOVE HIIIIIM!" Basically.
  8. I don't hate him! But I am pisss that WWE have him win the title in 18 secord! That does not help him! It does not help Bryan and it make the World Title look like CRAP! ALL THINK IN THAT MATCH GOT BURY! B/c now the fans hate shumus as that all were booing him last night. And it hurt Bryan push as he a heel and people are cheer for him! And most inport it make the World Title look the WWE ECW Title now! THANK ALOT FOR FUCK UP AGAIN! Inst of getting us a 10 min match for the World Title you give up 10 min of the GAY FUCK! THAT KNOW 1 WANT TO SEE!
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  9. You have a point, it did both characters harm.
  10. Sheamus is still really over with casual fans, & what happened in Miami won't happen in most places. And I'm not so sure it would have happened if WWE gave those smarks a proper WHC match either.. it was just the fact that Bryan got screwed by Vince and company that it turned into such an extreme case of DB love and Sheamus hate. There still would have been some DB love and maybe a little Sheamus hate, but nothing like it turned into.

    As far as the Sheamus hate from the IWC, it happens with every top face WWE has because people don't want to see guys booked as super heroes. It's corny and pointless. WWE took the IWC darling Punk, made him a superhero, and there has been some backlash against him, so of course there will be backlash against Sheamus.
  11. You won't please the IWC, because, no matter what you do, there's always somebody who will get on WWE Forums and piss and moan about it.

    As far as your first paragraph, you're very much dead-on. I fully expected Sheamus to walk out of Mania as World Heavyweight Champion. In fact, there was very little doubt in my mind that he would. The setup was actually done very well: the up-and-coming face hero against the smarmy, evil, over-the-top heel. Everyone who's watched pro wrestling knew that it would end with a Sheamus victory. And I really have no problem with ath aspect of it. The problem most of us seem to have is the way it was done. Dragon and Sheamus could have put on a 10 to 15 minute quality match that pitted Bryan's speed and agility against Sheamus' pure power.

    Instead, we got an 18 (or 8, whatever) second "match" that hurt both men, along with the guys who've challenged Bryan for the title since he became champ. It was a great thing if you want to make the main event scene on Smackdown look thoroughly weak, as well as your WWE Champion (remember, Punk couldn't beat Bryan, it was a double-three-count with no winner).

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