Why all the hate for TNA?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Harley Quinn, Oct 28, 2013.

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  1. I always see someone here, or on other sites bashing Impact Wrestling for random reasons. They say things like, the company will never succeed, to shut down or other negatives things, but why? Now I am not the biggest TNA fan here, I give that title over to Testify, but I am still a big fan of the company. I don't want to see it go down, nothing good will come of it. Impact may not be the best ever in every area, but what many people seem to forget is that Impact Wrestling is a very young company. It was formed after 2000, hell I'm older than the company's history. Yes it doesn't have the best storylines ever, but as far as match quality goes, TNA wrestlers put on great matches.

    The people behind the business are stupid at times, letting go of great talents like Joey Ryan, Crimson, and many others, but now finally getting rid of Hogan, but they still kept a good amount of great talent. Yes they take in WWE wrestlers a lot, but that was common in WWE/WCW days too, they were taking talent from each other, and why not? They can be put to good use, like Chavo being in the tag team division and I wouldn't mind if they kept Jeff Hardy in the X Division as well. Yes it is irritating seeing WWE guys getting pushed straight to the world title, but for the last few champions, excluding Hardy, they've all been built up to champions(hell even Jeff a little).

    TNA has a great roster, Samoa Joe, Bobby Roode, AJ Styles, Austin Aries, Bully Ray, James Storm, Gail Kim, and so many more. They usually put on great matches, so in terms of match quality TNA puts matches on very good. Yes their shows/Pay-Per-Views let us down at times, but WWE was doing that for a long long time as well. Also, if TNA were to shut down, than these guys most likely would go back to the indies, since there were rumors of WWE not wanting most of them when they were free agents.

    I know this rant is a bit random, but I'm just tired of seeing hate over TNA. Yes they make mistakes, but everybody does. They are still a young company, and I see TNA lasting for a long long time in the world of wrestling, whether you haters want to admit it or not.
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  2. Some people treat the WWE like their favourite football team or something and can't seem to understand that you can watch more than one company's shows. I know some people might have tried watching TNA and just not like it, fair enough, but I am sure some people just do not give it a chance.
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  3. I honestly watch it for more wrestling. Some people limit themselves to one company, but I want to watch all the wrestling I can. I don't know where this competition motive came from the fans. If Vince doesn't consider it competition, you shouldn't either. Just enjoy it or ignore it.

    You have the right to bash the product if you watch it, but hoping it goes out of business just seems odd to me. Why would you want to have decrease the amount of wrestling that fans enjoy? I'll be honest, TNA isn't really garnering my interest currently, but the last thing I would want is for them to go out of business. I've been watching TNA since 2007 and I've enjoyed what they brought to the table a lot. Just because they aren't making me an intrigued fan currently, doesn't mean it should go out of business. I could have said that about WWE time from time, but I didn't. Because eventually, stuff starts to pick up.
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  4. Most of the hate comes from "wrestling fans" who never/rarely watch the product. It's annoying that people are so closed minded and that they openly bash the company without giving it a chance first,but, there will always be people like that. They think that WWE is the only good wrestling company and that every other company sucks ass,there's really nothing you can do to change their minds. Unfortunately,you just have to learn to get use to people like that.
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  5. I catch the funny part is though, that these are people that will turn their head and say WWE sucks when discussing WWE product at the same time too. It feels more like they want to bitch about everything when it's not about WWE, then when it is WWE, they bitch some more.
  6. I know right? It seems that even when things go their way they still find something to bitch about. It's people like those who have really driven me away from Facebook because it's full of people like that.
  7. I know, I have removed myself from those facebook pages. I stay connected to only a couple now. It's stupid though, if you don't like something, then just don't watch it.
  8. The company sucks thats why Dixie is ruining the company
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  9. What is exactly wrong with TNA?
  10. Exhibit A of what I was talking about. Thanks Blffl,you always show up at the right times.
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  11. :dawg:
  12. Solid post bro. Completely agree.
  13. Not as much as Kelly Kelly has. There I am with another pipebomb!
  14. I completely agree. Having little faith in a company is one thing, but hoping it goes out of business is completely unethical. TNA doesn't deserve hate for everything they do. People should be a lot more respectful.
  15. People are stupid
  16. Damn.... ninja'd me before I even realized it. Saw thread title and came in to say, "Because people are stupid and say stupid things."
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  17. Stupid is as stupid does.
  19. :pipebomb:
  20. Is there anybody with an IQ over 1 that can tell me why TNA sucks? No that doesn't mean Emperor JobforLife or WhoreFanForLife
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