Why all the hate towards Triple H?

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  1. He's just doing his job, why do you really hate him? Especially Crayo.

    I personally enjoy the guy, he's a great guy and I honestly think he's just doing his job as I explained above. (Executive Vice President of Talent and Actor).

    So lets forget about all of that and explain to me your hate towards Triple H and why.
  2. People don't like politics in wrestling. HHH was/is a master politician, and thus people don't like him for it.

    Simple as that.
  3. Cause he continues to feed his ego, give advantages to his mates instead of real talent, buries people and is just a fool as a whole. I've got hate towards this guy but after his WrestleMania match, it's slightly calmed down.
  4. His obsession with the spotlight, we've had the past 10 years revolving around the game when it shouldn't have. Its the same as Hogan to an extent.
  5. Hogan is the same really, just hog the spotlight when they should just hang their boots up and just call it quits.
  6. If he really was that obsessed with the spotlight, and if he's "ego" is that big then he would have definitely killed Taker's streak, which you all predicted that he would do when they were calling each other out on RAW the first time this year.
  7. Nobody thought he was going to end the streak wtf? Check the prediction thread, maybe 2-3 people had HHH winning the match.
  8. Like he said in his promo, it's bad for business.

    Why would he/anyone want to end the best thing in wrestling so far? :otunga:
  9. Removed you from the ignore list, check the RAW live discussion threads where HHH first called Taker out for a rematch, you'd actually see Crayo along with Seabs calling out the end of the streak.
  10. who's to say he didn't try ? One of the few who apparently has more backstage pull is Taker plus one positive doesn't make an excuse for some of his ridiculous title reigns, random pedigreeing of Ryder and Miz and spoiling the hottest commodity in years with Punk. Just so he could feud with and beat his buddy Nash.
  11. The biggest CM Punk butthurt mark on the forum asks why HHH gets hated? Does the HHH going over CM Punk cleanly for no reason not bug you?

  12. HHH is a guy who has played to much politics and marrying the boss' daughter didnt help matters. Also him burying alot of talent over the years just isnt right as talent that he has buried have been better than him. WWE's future is fucked with him in charge
  13. No? Not at all.

    He's the future of the WWE, he buries because he sees no potential in them drawing big numbers for their shows/PPVs such as Miz being behind the low SS buyrates. It's just something he has to do.
  14. Okay, Randy Savage is now the official CM Punk mark of this forum. You've lost your touch.

    BTW, LOL. HHH is the future of the WWE? Unless you mean off-screen you can seriously stop taking those pills son. Rock was the draw for Survivor Series, not Miz. The poor numbers were on Rock. People don't think "OMG ROCK IS THERE? BUT DAMN HE'S FACING MIZ I WON'T BUY". I can't stand ignorant posts.
  15. Because he obviously played politics and buried his share of people (though he is obviously not the only one.) That period of Raw from the fall of 2002 to the spring of 2005 was just so boring because Triple H was the face of it all the time, especially in 2003.
  16. I don't see why... I like him.
  17. The blame was on Miz therefore it is Miz, you are not part of the WWE so you cannot come here and say what's really right about your poor little buried talent. What's ignorant is that you think that you're always right when you're actually not.

    HHH will make the company much better than it already is on the day he takes over.
  18. Seriously people expected Miz to be the draw in a match with The Rock and John Cena? Why doesn't Miz get the credit for Wrestlemania 28's buyrate then? Also was the blame ever put on Miz beyond a dirt sheet rumour?
  19. I'd trust the words of PWInsider and other reliable dirt sheets than believe in all of this "Miz was not the guy to blame" crap, yes. Why should he get credit? Only ones who should get credit for WM 28 Buyrates are Cena and The Rock, it is pretty much self-explanatory and if not I can explain it for you.

    I ask you this question, why did they choose Miz and not R-Truth? Why Miz out of everyone?
  20. Because the dirt sheets love to bitch, how about WM 27? Miz is such a huge expected draw right, why does all credit go to Rock and Cena according to these reports which you love so dearly Miz is the draw, right? If you re-read the reports he's being blamed and put on an apparent losing streak because of the bad buy rate, yet he was hardly winning many matches before was he? The only people to blame for the low buy rate are Rock, Cena and possibly Punk as the babyface going after the WWE title anything else is just idiotic reporting from the dirtsheets who put his losing streak together with a lower than expected buy rate together, no insider knowledge.
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