Why am I not allowed to post pics anymore?

Discussion in 'Suggestions & Questions' started by deathclaw4721, Sep 22, 2013.

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  1. And why have all my pictures been taken down??? Can you please stop? I'm really sorry.....I wont post so many anymore......You don't have any AJ Lee smiles so I use my pictures to describe how I'm feeling.....Please don't do this to me.....It's heartbreaking......Please let me post pics again..... >,_<
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  3. Why do you have to oppress me??? This isn't fair.... Please just let me have my pictures back.... I'll do anything!
  4. You should get your priorities together.
  5. I'm not, I'm fighting against your oppression because you won't. Stick it to the man.
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  6. Those pictures meant a lot to me.....I don't understand why they had to be removed.....and I don't understand why I cant post new ones....
  7. - Won't post anymore pictures
    - Wants the ability to post pictures again

  8. :hmm:

  9. They mean a lot to you, not us. Posting them all over the place is not necessary.
  10. Ok, I'm sorry....can you please let me post them again though? I promise I wont post too many. Just once in a while. Taking away my ability to post them in the first place seems a little excessive.....and did you have to take ALL of them down? It's not fair....
  11. They're not removed, just hidden while you're not able to post images.
  12. Can this be redone? The images are annoying as can be.
  13. Yeah, they're still able to post images.
  14. I second what seabs said.
  15. oh nvm, thought they werent able to post images at all, but i think they reached their limit.
  16. All up on my dick and shit, you can be Gus I'll be Phil Davis. Let's practice our "wrestling"
  17. watch out spot, hes ashley demot :upset:
  18. Can't be worse than Phil Davis. And it has already been established that my anus feels no pain.
  19. Yeah sorry about that....
  20. Can what be redone?