Why are A&8's booked like crap individually?

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  1. I'm surprised I haven't heard more complaints about this, because when stables in WWE like Nexus started to get booked like this it became an outrage. In single matches, they always lose, but these guys are meant to be the biggest threat in TNA who beat up anyone and everyone right? How are we supposed to see them as a legit threat, or a tough entity when they lose constantly in singles matches?

    I mean even last night Bully arrived, took Hogan and that was it, Aces looked like proper dog crap (even though I think he's leading the group now). Last nights show was solid apart from this. I just think if you're going to book this stable that is going to be the foundation to TNA for X amount of months, book them strongly. I've found it so hard to get into this storyline, and when storylines take up so much time and have so much importance then not being into it can ruin an entire show. However, recently I've been getting into it and last night the idea of Bully being the leader was reignited and now I'm back on board, but does this bother anyone else?
  2. They don't have big enough names in the stable to go over established TNA guys IMO. The problem lies there, if they had revealed more high profile members that people would believe going over guys like Sting and Angle, they would be in a better position. I'm still on board though. As long as the leader isn't Curry Man, things should turn out OK.
  3. I agree, the people they have chosen to put in A&8's sucks big time. However, if you're going to role with the older guys, then book them as a threat. It's bad enough that we have washed up oldies (sorry Testify) in the dominant stable, but washed up oldies jobbing when they're supposed to be the biggest threat in TNA just makes it worse.
  4. For the love of God, first thing, can you or myself open a "Aces & Eights discussion thread" to stop with these threads (number wise)? It'd be much better solution IMHO. You can also transfer these posts from a few threads in it as well.

    Now on to the subject, I agree with OP jack. :mog:

    All these guys except DEVON, both DOC and Knox, don't have a good reputation at all coming out of WWE. TNA isn't even trying to make their reputation better, lol. That's the problem.

    And btw, how are they "OLDIES"? Gallows is 30, Knoxx is 35 barely, and Devon is 40. Sorry but they ain't oldies to me, and you just can't convince me the other way.

    Here's the rundown of what I know, individually and in team:

    - DOC: beat Park, DQ vs. Angle,
    - Knoxx: lost the fight to Aries at No Surrender, lost to Joe, now lost to Sting
    - Devon: beat Joe, lost to Angle, beat Angle.

    Aces & 8's as a whole (tags, multiman tags):

    - Impact TV: DQ vs. Angle & Sting, lost to Hardy & Storm, lost to Angle & Joe
    - PPVs: won at BFG, lost at Final Resolution

    Overall: 4 wins, 7 losses, 2 DQ endings.

    Maybe they aren't meant to win, who knows lol. After all, they're street thugs.

    Now make a discussion thread about them or I'll do it, and don't ever mock :testify: again.
  5. I guess we're supposed to go with the idea that since they're street thugs, they don't excel in a match with rules and stuff. But still, Knoxx was whipped by Sting last night, he hardly fought back. It should indeed change.
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  6. This. Why do they care about fights? They are built to be bully cowards who cant succeed without help from the team. It hasnt been shown as well as it should, but i have a feeling as soon as we find out Bully is the leader, it all becomes a stable instead of just goons fighting when the club forces them to, or attacking as a group.

    Let's be honest, this whole angle is pretty shitty, it just gets a lot of use out of people we wouldnt see as much otherwise, and people who make the angle much better.
  7. @Testify I'll just rename this to the A&8 discussion thread if you want.
  8. Sure. :downer:

    Now you tell me frankly, isn't that a great idea on my part?:dawg:
  9. You're a God damn mother fucking boss.
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