Why are all distant relatives plebs?

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  1. Seriously?

    Yesterday night I got informed that I'd have to stay in tonight because there was a family of 4 coming round who were somehow related to my Grandma's sister (Or an Aunty!). I then get told that I'd have to entertain a boy of 14 for a couple of hours. The news was hardly welcomed by myself as I presumed it would be a typically socially akward family event - with patronizing parents and what not - but that it would be fine after getting involved in a game of Fifa.

    Of course that wasn't the case though! The family turned out to be a bunch of dipshits who had a strange obsession with speaking about food - the Dad was the one with the obsession and ironically his wide was fat. They have an 8-year-old daughter who definitely got hit by the ugly stick, a little wired to the moon as well.

    As for the little fat shit of a son, all he did was go on about how he's not a fussy eater like his sister, and how fucking good his grades were. Well guess what pal, bet you won't be boasting about how you got a comfortable pass in science when your 34 and haven't been laid because your two busy eating everything because "you're not fussy", fat bastard. Then, my Mum, being the evil whore she is, suggested that we go upstairs and play Xbox, where he decided he didn't like any of my games and instead decided to tell me about his bloody minecraft file for the next however long but obviously I wasn't interested because I'm not a 28 year old virgin.


  2. I know how it is when people you don't know come around and you have to interact with them... I dislike it as well. But at least you don't have to worry about them anymore.
  3. hehe Pleb.
  4. entertain a 14 year old? just give him a nudey mag and a bottle lotion and he'll entertain himself
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